Nowadays, EVP is considered a standard means of searching and speaking to souls all over the world. Today there are hundreds of EVP forums connected to the Internet, on which educated and serious people come to talk to the soul. They say that dead click spirits talk to them.

Anabella Kardosay is one of such people. She lives in Spain. They have a fully equipped recording studio, almost like Gerard Cross. They say, "The voices I taped are not ordinary sounds." He adds, "These voices are not only loud and clear, but Makes complete sense too. ”However, Rodiwe has different opinions about the voices captured in the tapes. Some believe that the voices of dead souls imprisoned in them are not clear. Just a whisper is heard.

When broadcaster Giles Brandtreth heard the voice of the late Winston Churchill, it came out of his mouth, "This is Winston Churchill's voice."
But on the other hand some other people believe that these voices click anywhere, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill does not meet. This voice is much lighter than his ever-familiar robotic voice.
The simple explanation about this has been that EVP's voices are scattered voices. Usually they are so slow and unclear that it is difficult to understand what these voices are saying.

But EVP experts make it easy to understand by 'explaining' it.

EVP researcher Brian Jones is making some similar efforts in Seattle.

They record sea creatures, dogs, cats, even the crevices of doors and the peaks of pebbles.

A dog says about his mistress, "Hey, where did Sheila go?" The other dog complains to its owner, "She is always on a cruise."

Jones uses this technique to solve criminal cases or, to help patients who have lost their ability to speak.

Soul 'weighs just 21 grams!

How much does a human soul weigh? On 10 April 1901, an experiment was conducted in Dorchester, US, to find the answer to this question. Dr. Duncan Mc Dogle experimented with four other fellow doctors.

These included 5 male and one female patients who were dying. They were placed on a specially designed Fairbanks weight scale. The patients were weighed with great care before their deaths. As soon as the patient died, the beam of the weighing scale fell down. This showed that his weight has reduced by about three quarters of an oz.

The same experience also happened in the case of three other patients. Then the remaining two could not be tested as the machine malfunctioned. It has been proved that the weight of our soul is 21 grams. Subsequently, Dr. Duncan performed the same experiment on 15 dogs. Their weight did not decrease, leading to the conclusion that animals do not have souls.

Still further research was yet to be done on this, but after the death of Duncan in 1920 the research ended there. Many also considered it wrong and immoral. The film was also made in 2003. Yet what is true is a secret.

Learn how to talk to souls

Many countries have described ways of talking to spirits. It has different names everywhere. In Indonesia, it is called Jelangkung. This game, like the Ouija board, was quite prevalent in ancient Indonesia. Three to five people used to do this work in a room. Two people sit holding an effigy made of bamboo.

mannequin pencil or chalk is applied to write at the bottom of it. There is such silence in the room as if the funeral is being done. This game starts with burning incense sticks. The leader of the group sits in front of the effigy and starts reciting the mantra. Upon entering the effigy of the soul passing through it, its weight increases. Then the series of questions begins. what is your name? With this, the mannequin moves to the paper held nearby and writes its name. Similarly, questions and answers are made about anyone.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.