“Guardian Angels are Real”

Down through history angels have been talked about and every spiritual group talks about angels in one form or another. And in the US 80% of the people believe in angels. But how do we talk to our guardian angels?

First of all, it’s important not to pray to angels because they are like worker bees working in accordance with the amazing plan of Great Spirit. Angels do what they are supposed to do in order to help all the people they watch over. We are to talk to them.

Second, there is no need to have any real formatted ritual around talking to your guardian angel. No scripts, no formal language, absolutely nothing has to be done in a special way.

Third, you can ask for special favors from angels. Yes, angels can help when we need them. In fact, Pope John Paul the 23rd would ask his guardian angels for help when he had people from different faiths and cultures visiting and he wanted everything to go smoothly. He would ask his own guardian angel to talk to the other guardian angels of all the people coming to create peace and a feeling of cooperation during the visit. And low and behold, it worked every single time he remembered to do this. So you too… can ask your guardian angel for help.

Forth, angels are all around us, even in our garden, in the house, in big cities, and all over. There are guardian angels for every single thing that exists. In fact, the people from the famed Fenhorn Gardens in Scotland would talk to their guardian angels of the garden. And they would ask the garden angels what they needed to do in order to have their fruits, veggies, and flowers thrive and grow large. And the gardens at Fenhorn were legendary… they had cabbages that were as big around as a man’s waist, and other veggies that were astounding large and beautiful. And all this happened because they would talk to their garden angels and listen.

Fifth, one of the most important aspects of talking with our guardian angels is to listen. And in order to do that, we have to learn to silence our mind and listen to that still small voice that comes to us. Sometimes that voice will be Great Spirit talking to us… and other times our guardian angel will speak to us and prompt us to do certain things. So learning to quiet your mind and listen… and speaking softly… this is of utmost importance when it comes to talking with our guardian angels.

Sixth, talk to your guardian angel like a friend who is there to help and wants to be there for you just like a great friend… because they are your closest friend… other than Great Spirit.

Enjoy Talking to Your Guardian Angel!

Dr. Paul Haider

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