You can also talk to dead souls

This is an electronic voice projection ie EVP. The voices of the dead have been recorded in this machine.

Do dead people talk to each other? Can a living person communicate with a dead person? Can you hear the gossip of the dead?

Or, are people making such claims what they want to hear?

This may seem unlikely, but there are people all over the world who claim to make it possible.

One such claim is the use of electronic voice projection (EVP), a special system, claiming that the use of radio equipment can communicate with dead people.

The story began in 1969 when a middle-aged Latvian doctor presented a large number of recorded tapes. He presented these tapes at Gerard Cross, a village in Buckingham, England.

He claimed that he interacted with not only Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini but many other well-known personalities of the 20th century.

According to him, about 72,000 dead voices were captured in that recording.

"These voices are not only loud and clear but are also fully understood."

Anabella Kardosay: A user of EVP Forum

The person making the claim was Constantine Rodivey and he used to call this technique as Electronic Voice Projection (EVP).

These tapes of Constantine Rodiva are still kept in Gerard Cross. Gerrard Cross is the village of publisher Colin Smith. Rodeway hoped that Smith would publish a book about his amazing discovery.

It was a result of Smith's efforts that this extraordinary research, a book called 'an important discovery', came to be known to the whole world about EVP.

Complicated methods such as writing on the slate and ectoplasm were prevalent to listen to the dead. But compared to these methods, modern technology like EVP connected the 20th century with spirituality.
These are the Constantin Rodives. It was he who developed the EVP technique.

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