Suffering from clinical anxiety for over 30 years of my life, my mind was caught in a constant spiral of fear and worry. I spent my whole life worrying what if this bad thing happened or what if that bad thing happened. I was never in the now. I spent the whole time in the future; not seeing it as bright and happy but rather as one filled with more fear and more worry. And more worry.

During that time I learnt that people who suffer from anxiety live in the future worrying about what “might” happen. People who suffer from depression live in the past worrying and feeling guilty about what happened.

In my period of transformation, I came to realise that I was missing out on a special gift, a gift that was right before me every single day. What was that gift? The present; the now. That is where all our power lies.

Think about something that happened in your past. It could be 5 minutes ago, it could be yesterday it could be years ago. What it is, doesn’t matter. Where are you thinking about it? NOW. Think about something in the future. Where are you thinking about it? NOW.

I believe that we create our realities. Actually I know it. After creating a desperate situation of not being able to swallow through the power of my mind, I don’t need much more convincing. But we create our realities in the now. In this moment is where all your power lies.

With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to stay in the now as much as you can?
All of us can be guilty of rehashing past memories over and over and of course getting excited or worried about the future. Even when we are visualising or dreaming of the life we desire we forget about the blessings we have in this moment. In aiming for the moon we can forget about the flowers at our feet. In this moment we have an enormous amount to be grateful for. If we are feeling good, if we have stopped the stress and realise in this precise second everything is all right and probably more than all right, it gives us more power to create the future we dream of.

I’m about to share with a fantastic tool that really helps you become grounded, more present, bringing you back to the now. In doing so, you will feel more relaxed and at peace. It takes only a few minutes and you can use it whenever you feel the stresses of the day. Or if you feel you are spending too much time in your head and need a break.

You will be using your imagination, so be sure to tap into fully; see it, feel it, hear it, and breathe it. You intend it, so it is so.

Find a quiet spot. This will only take a few moments. If you are at work, simply go to the bathroom. If you can go outside on the grass then do it. Take your shoes off and stand with your feet about hip width apart. Leave your hands by your side with your fingers pointing to the floor. Close your eyes. Bring all your attention to your breath. At this moment nothing else matters. As you breathe in notice your abdomen expand. As you breathe out, notice your abdomen contract.

Next imagine a cord or roots coming out of your feet. See the roots going down through the earth. Down deeper and deeper all the way to the centre of the earth; feel the magnetic pull as you do. Feel yourself being grounded and connecting to Mother Earth. Once the cords or roots reach the centre of the earth, notice how they anchor in, so they can’t come loose, keeping you grounded, keeping you connected.

Next imagine all the stress, worry and fear being drained from you. It is effortlessly being taken away from you down the cord or roots. Feel it, see it as the energy leaves your body. Notice how much lighter you are feeling. You are feeling more at peace, more present, calmer, and happier. Now open your eyes, feeling refreshed go back to your day.

Enjoy it and know you can do this grounding technique to bring you back to the present, to remove the stresses of the day whenever you need to. In the present is where all your power lies.

Author's Bio: 

elicity Baker is a mindset expert. She suffered from clinical anxiety for over 30 years before overcoming it. It nearly destroyed her life when she found herself in a hospital emergency ward unable to swallow anything including her own saliva.

After months of testing Felicity discovered there was nothing physically wrong with her. Anxiety manifested itself in her body by quite literally being unable to swallow. She had created the whole situation with her mind.

In under 3 years and with having to retrain herself to eat first, Felicity transformed her life to one of joy and passion and now helps others to do the same.

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