If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs I know, business bravery can be a tough energy to tap into. But no matter what approaches you take to care for your energy, one of the quickest ways to take your business to the next level and start Being Considerably Huge™ in your business is to start taking risks. This may seem like a very simple statement and also a tall order, but it’s really where the heart of the matter lies for most of us.

Business Bravery deserves your full attention. Why? Because this is what takes you beyond where you are now and into your desired future… If stepping into the business of your dreams was as simple as getting up in the morning don’t you think everyone would be doing it? But just because something is scary doesn’t mean stop; actually, that’s usually when you are receiving guidance to GO. This is why it is so very important to master the activation of brave energy in your business.

So how can you actually become a business risk-taker without being risky?

Risk-taking is usually associated with risky moves like jumping off cliffs or quitting your job on a moment’s notice. That sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? Well you want to go about your risk by taking an EDUCATED risk and also being in touch with how the shift in energy is feeling for you every step of the way. This is all about bringing in a better way of feeling, step-by-step, not spinning off out of control with new ways of being distracted, frantic and totally stressed out.

Feel the difference?

EnergyRICH® Hint: To allow yourself to bravely go where you haven’t gone before in your business: connect in with your divine inner guidance.

So let’s go over 3 ways to keep yourself balanced, grounded and connected using your inner guidance to bring in new ways of thinking, better food and more aligned action… all to support you in stepping into Business Bravery.

Practice gratitude daily. I know you’ve heard this before, but it is SO good for you! When you’re busy being grateful for what you have, from good health, any amount of money in your pocket, good friends, family, shelter and many other ‘basic’ blessings – then getting off-track simply won’t stand a chance with you!

A great practice is a DAILY list of things you are grateful for. You can do this in the morning before you start your day or right before you go to sleep as an acknowledgment of what you did during the day. Simply choose whichever daily gratitude practice feels most comfortable for you… and STAY with it!!!

Ask yourself a question. If you are busy struggling to figure something out (i.e., how to meet an expense, attract new clients, settle a conflict with a loved one or another challenge), try letting go of the struggle FOR NOW and letting the question of ‘what to do’ just kind of “hang out” for awhile.

Ask, and then just sit quietly and see what answers pop into your head. You may be amazed at the inner wisdom that appears as you relax and become still, no longer pushing and pressing for the answer. Suddenly ‘the answer’ seems to just tap you on the shoulder! Ask your question out loud or try writing it on a piece of paper and putting it under your pillow before going to sleep.

Suddenly you begin to realize that you actually aren’t alone in this business-building thing and this divine support lends its energy to your Business Bravery.

Rest your gaze now… Find something that you just find soothing to look at. Maybe a landscape or scenic picture (I have a tree outside my office window that I have a bit of a crush on…) or a burning candle, a simple blank spot on the wall, a single flower in a vase or glass to contemplate. It really can be ANYTHING you choose… anything at all. Focus on this object and gaze at it deeply, intently and let thoughts come and go while you stay present in this moment.

These moments, with your permission, will lead you into the future with inner wisdom. Just doing this exercise will bring power and profound guidance. Try it as a break and a great stress reliever.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick, is an EnergyRICH ® Entrepreneur Success Coach, with over 11 years of teaching and coaching experience. Heather's primary focus is in coaching entrepreneurs to powerfully partner inner and outer business principles for more profit. She calls this managing your energy for magnificent marketing. Her strengths include tuning right in to what's holding you back and sharing specially developed processes that move you into joyful action. http://www.energyrichcoach.com

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