When a person suffers a major injury in an accident, the consequences can be severe, not only for the injured party, but also for the party who caused the accident. The key question that must be resolved after an event that causes injury is, who is at fault? A major injury can occur in any number of ways, from a traffic accident to a slip and fall event at a workplace, or from malpractice negligence on the part of a doctor.

Laws Regarding Person Injury

When a person is injured, the shock surrounding the event can cause confusion, which is what makes this area of the law somewhat tricky. When a person is dealing with a serious injury, it can be hard to make sense of the event, and sort out the reality of what’s happened. All of this can make the real issue of establishing fault very complex.

An Agreement Regarding Duty

What’s important, however, is to know the key issue underlying fault in an injury. Legal experts point out that for someone to be at fault in an injury, there must be an agreement of “duty” between the two parties involved.

This duty would extend to the responsibility of one party to behave in a way that does not cause injury, like a doctor who has a responsibility to perform surgery in a way that doesn’t cause further injury to the patient. This philosophy would also extend to drivers, who have a duty to avoid hitting cyclists or pedestrians, and to drive sober at all times.

Injuries Bicycle Accidents

One of the causes of major injuries today is traffic accidents. With so many bicyclists now sharing the roads with cars, the rate of accidents has gone up significantly. Due to this, some law offices, like the law office of Stewart J. Guss, take on cases of catastrophic injury caused in bicycle accidents.

Many people believe that they can’t afford a lawyer to represent them, but most personal injury attorneys work on what is called a contingency basis, meaning that their clients will not pay anything unless the lawyer wins the case. This makes hiring an attorney accessible to virtually anyone.

Seeking Legal Help

Anyone who has been seriously injured due to the lack of responsibility on the part of another person or business entity should seek help immediately, as having the advice of an experienced legal professional is invaluable in obtaining a good outcome after an accident of any kind.

If you have a minor or simple injury that is the fault of someone else, you may be able to get fair compensation without a lawyer. If your injury is serious, complex, and costly, then you should really consider professional legal representation. The insurance companies have legal professionals at their disposal, so don’t let yourself remain at a disadvantage in negotiations.

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