Approximately 3 million people in the United States have implants and that number is growing by 500,000 every year. This tells us that it is fairly common to have dental implants. We discuss some warning signs that will indicate that you might need dental implants.

  • Your tooth is severely cracked or broken

If you have a cracked or a broken tooth that cannot be fixed by using ordinary dentistry means, you might need a dental crown or dental implant. The call will be taken by your dentist once he evaluates the problem with your tooth. For a lot of dentists, the immediate goal would be to save as much of the tooth as possible, but if the tooth is majorly damaged and beyond repair, your best chances lie with a tooth extraction and a tooth implant.

  • One or more of your natural teeth are missing

Not a lot of people go around with missing teeth. Other people will notice the missing teeth when you laugh or smile and this can lead to self- confidence issues. You will be prone to embarrassment and tend to avoid people as a result. However there is hope, if you go for a dental implant, then you will get back the missing tooth and it will look and feel just great.

  • You have loose fitting dentures

Not a lot of people want to deal with the problem of loose fitting dentures. If they are a daily problem it leads to a lot of discomfort while eating and talking. This problem can be effectively tackled if you get dental implants to take the place of the dentures. Thereafter you do not have to worry about loose dentures anymore and gone will be the apprehension attached to loose fitting dentures.

  • You have bone loss in the jaw area

You should know that dental implants can help in the process of prevention of bone loss in the jaw area. The part of the dental implant that is placed in the socket of the jawbone and acts as an artificial root for the tooth is made of titanium. This metal is used because it bonds naturally to the bone tissue. Implant roots can stimulate jaw bone growth akin to natural tooth roots.

  • You have a sunken in facial appearance

The sunken or caved in look that denture wearers have on a daily basis is due to the absence of teeth and bone loss. Dental implants can solve this particular problem and restore the natural look of the face.

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