How To Tell Your Husband You Want Marriage Counseling: My Husband Refuses To Go To Counseling To Save Our Marriage

When you have conflicts in your relationship, you have several options available to use to try to save your marriage. Marriage counseling is just one of those many options. But, can seeking the advice and guidance of a counselor actually benefit you? You may be surprised by the answer to that question.

The single most important factor in whether counseling will be effective is the motivation of the couple. If you or your spouse has already decided that divorce is the only option, your chances of success are greatly reduced. However, this does not mean that this is an impossible situation. It just means more work will need to be done in order to be successful.

Another important factor is getting help as soon as possible. Waiting too long before seeking advice can be detrimental to your relationship. The problems will continue to grow and will take longer to resolve. Taking action quickly, before the situation gets worse, will increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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The attitude you and your spouse bring to counseling and to your relationship can make a difference as well. Yes, you are there because of problems. However, when trying to resolve the conflicts and other issues, having a negative attitude and behavior will not help the situation. Let your actions, words and behavior reflect in your ability to remain positive in the face of problems. This will help you mentally as well as draw your partner into the positive mindset also.

The counselor you choose can make an impact too. You will want to make sure the person you choose is qualified and has the proper credentials. Choosing someone who is not qualified could possibly make your situation worse.

Marriage counseling is just one of the many way use can use to save your marriage. You have so many options available, so don't lose hope.

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First, you must admit that there is a problem in your marriage. Usually, one person in the marriage drags their spouse along to couple's counseling. Many people may not admit that something is lacking in their marriage and will actually deny that there is any problem at all. These people act indifferent to their spouse, saying things like "it's their issue they need to deal with." Unfortunately, in a marriage, when one spouse has a an issue, it becomes a problem for each person in the relationship.

Secondly, take responsibility for your part. It takes two people to make marriage a success or failure. It's only natural for your behavior to effect your partner's behavior. So avoid pointing fingers at who's at fault for your marriage's current condition.

Third, commit to making changes. Being willing to make the necessary changes you need to make your marriage work is essential. Even by attempting to make changes, you are telling your spouse that you value the marriage more than anything and is willing to do what it takes to make it work. Couples who go to marriage counseling but do not apply what they learn or discover that can help their marriage maybe more likely to separate or divorce.

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Fourth, remember that your marriage counselor is just a mediator. Your marriage counselor's job is to help keep the lines of communication open for both people in the marriage. The marriage counselor is in no way of being a magic genie that can fix your marriage with the snap of their fingers. Evidently, it will be up to you and your spouse on whether or not your marriage will thrive.

Fifth, It's important that you and your spouse are patient. Marriage therapy is not going to do wonders overnight. It took time for your marriage to deteriorate and it will take some time to heal your marriage. Pay attention to what you want instead what you don't want. By having a positive focus on your goals for your marriage, you have a better chance of making your marriage work.

Marriage counseling is not going to be a cake walk. It will be hard, upsetting and can be very emotional. It can also be very insightful and help that light bulb go off in your head that makes you go "ah ha, I got it!" Most times, all it takes is a third perspective for your to realize and pin point the exact causes to why your marriage is crumbling.

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No matter how long you have been with your partner it is likely that there will be times when you argue. When conflicts develop it can drive a wedge in the middle of the partnership. If you have been having problems communicating then it can be worth considering relationship counseling.

Being in a long term partnership or marriage is not always easy, there are often periods when you simply can't get along with each other. A professional therapist is able to heal the bond by offering methods and techniques that have found success with thousands of other couples. It is good to understand the factors and behaviours that lead to problems in relationships.

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Perhaps the most important aspect of any relationship counseling is communication. It allows all issues to be talked over in a neutral location with no fear of incrimination. Some people keep their emotions bottled up and find it hard to express themselves fully. A therapist will help you and your partner to understand each others feelings on a deeper level.

If one partner has a more active life then problems can arise. It is important to try to view the relationship through the other person's eyes. If you are always out of the house and come home late each day then your other half may feel depressed and lonely.

In a marriage it is important to share. If both you and your partner work, then chances are that you'll both reach home at different times. It is good to make the effort to sit down together for dinner and discuss the day.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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If you were married in a Church, the chances are you vowed to love one another "till death do us part". At the time it was probably said with the intention of fulfilling that vow, but life has a way of changing things which can cause us to grow apart. The question is how do we save a Christian marriage?

Living with another person challenges us in many different ways. We have to learn to tolerate their ways and come to terms with the fact that they may not be as perfect as we would like.

However, there was a reason you married in the first place, and hopefully that was because you loved them for what they were. Your Christian belief probably brought you together, so believe that it will also help you to solve your marital problems.

One of the biggest mistakes in any marriage is to feel that things are going wrong but do nothing about them. Believing they will sort themselves out is a big mistake, as things generally only get worse.

When problems arise, talk to your partner, pray with him/her, and try to understand what is causing the rift. Don't get bogged down with your own thoughts cutting your partner out. This doesn't help and will only contribute to your isolation.

Your marriage was blessed by God, and he is always there to guide you. Believe in each other and in the power of God's love to help you through your problems.

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One of the things that often creates the disillusionment in a marriage is boredom. You start off thinking everything is wonderful, and suddenly the day to day existence starts to become boring. You talk less to each other, and before you know it you start feeling as though your life is over.

Keeping your marriage alive is not that difficult. If you have interests then pursue them, either together or separately. That way you will always have things to discuss and laugh over. If you're involved with the Church there are so many things you can do together to make life interesting.

If you've suddenly decided you don't like certain things your partner does, then talk about it. Don't argue that will achieve nothing. Discuss your feelings openly, and see if you can come to an amicable solution.

Financial problems can have a traumatic effect upon any marriage, but often these are not insurmountable problems. Once again sitting down and working things out together can bring you closer together.

A Christian marriage is a sacred one, and even if it starts off like a romantic novel, it cannot possibly last with the same intensity. If you believe in your marriage, you will find that by making the effort to understand each other's points of view, a warm, loving relationship will emerge which will last a lifetime.

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