How To Tell Your Wife You Love Her: How To Express Love To Wife In Words

You adore your wife. How could you not? She's the woman you chose to spend your life with. Perhaps she's the mother of your children. You look at her as the center of your universe but you're not always sure she knows exactly what you feel for her. Understanding how to tell your wife you love her is something that can benefit any married man.

You want to know how to tell your wife you love her because you feel so grateful that you are fortunate enough to spend your life with her, right? Tell her that. The thing about expressing what you feel to your wife is that it needs to come from a genuine place within you. If you feel overcome with a memory of something the two of you have done in the past, tell her. She'll be forever touched that it meant so much to you.

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Many men wonder if the best way to express what they're feeling for their wife is to buy her an expensive gift. If you two live on a restricted budget, that's definitely not necessary. Something that every woman longs for regardless of how luxurious her life is, is a love letter from her husband. Sit down with a pen and paper and pour your heart out to your wife. Explain in detail exactly what she means to you. That letter will become her prized possession and she'll look at it over and over again through the years. It will always be an important reminder of how much you truly adore her.

Helping her more with day-to-day tasks is another way to express your love to her. Ask her what you can do to make her life easier and then follow through when she answers. Don't promise to take care of something if you have no intention of completing it. Many women will actually tell their friends about how helpful their husband is because of the fact that he helps with the dishes or tends to the vacuuming. Gestures such as those go a long way towards making your wife feel special.

There are also physical ways to tell your wife how much she means to you too. Holding hands isn't something that has to be left to teenagers. Couples of all ages can hold hands. Sneaking a kiss in when she least expects it will make her heart and pulse race too. It shows that you still find her compelling and desirable and every woman wants to feel that way to her husband.

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Men, in order for you to enjoy intimacy more often with your wife, there are some things she needs you to do differently...

When you come home at the end of your work day, your wife needs you to have a genuine attitude that lets her know she's the person you've wanted to be with all day...that you're excited to see her...that you're anxious to spend time with her.

I can assure you, a dull husband who puts off a vibe that home is a dull place he goes to at the end of a dull day with dull people does NOTHING to sexually stimulate his wife!

So, when you get home, make REAL eye contact with your wife. Give her a warm, sincere greeting. And then, spend some time with her.

As before, I can assure you, no wife gets turned on sexually by a husband who blows in the door, grunts at her as he passes by, and then ignores her the rest of the evening in favor of more work or the TV.

On the subject of TV... Would it seem to an observer that you're "more" married to your TV than your wife?

The thought that goes through many women's head as they say "No!" to their husband's sexual advances is, "Go "hump" the TV - that's "who" you've spent all evening with!"

As simple as it may seem, many marriages would improve IMMEDIATELY if the husband would just turn off the TV and start interacting with his wife.

Men, being dull and boring doesn't work when it comes to turning on a woman sexually.

The fact that men tend to be OUTCOME oriented means that they naturally tend to be PROCESS oriented...they want to know what process they need to follow in order to get a certain outcome.

And in the realm of intimacy, a woman - who's focused on the relationship side of things - finds such an outcome and process oriented man...


Now, the not-so-funny thing is, when I tell this to men, many of them just dismiss what I'm telling them as if what I'm saying doesn't apply to them. They just flat don't "get it" - and that's why they don't "get sex" very often!

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So, let me give you an example of how a man's natural process orientation gets between him and the intimacy he wants...

During the first year - give or take a little - a man spends quite a bit of time trying to learn what physical techniques his wife likes.

(As an aside, the fact that the man is paying so much attention to his wife is a major reason why the first year of marriage is usually the best - and subsequent years aren't as pleasant.)

Once the man learns which physical things his wife likes - he'll turn the whole thing into a scientific process.

From then on - at least until something major happens like a divorce or his wife cheating on him - the man will "apply" the exact same process to every lovemaking session he has with his wife.

And so, after a few years, it starts to look something like this...

1. On Saturday night
2. Turn off TV at 10:45 pm
3. Go through clean-up ritual
4. Crawl in bed with wife
5. Start applying preliminary physical techniques - such as kissing wife on the neck.
6. Start applying accelerator physical techniques - such as breast or vaginal stimulation.
7. Go for intercourse.
8. All through and off to sleep at 11:15 pm

To the woman, it becomes a STALE, REPULSIVE ROUTINE where she can reliably predict exactly what's going to happen...she can reliably count on her husband starting "on her cold" at the same time to being "finished with himself" at the same clockwork...

Such a ritual is totally UNINSPIRING to a woman.

No wonder so many women act like they don't want sex.

They want more of a love life than to be totally ignored except for 11 pm on Saturday night.

As a counter-example, it's kind of like trying to make love to a woman who never makes any sound and who never gives any indication of any pleasure or appreciation for the intimacy...she just lays there curiously looking at the man as if he were engaged in some freakish activity...pretty soon, the man is going to despise the very notion of having sex with such a woman. Pretty soon, this man will be looking for a new woman.

In like fashion, a wife is NOT looking for some man to merely have intercourse with. If that's all she needed, she'd probably get herself an adult toy and stay single.

What a wife wants is for her husband to be a suitor - a man who's wooing his woman - a man who's showing attention too and providing excitement for a woman in an effort to attract her to him.

And when a man provides this to his wife, that's when he'll find her saying "Yes" to intimacy instead of "No".

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A pattern has developed over the years and it goes something like this:

1. Couple gets married

2. Couple begins to have problems

3. Couple tries counseling

4. Counseling doesn't solve problems

5. Couple gets divorced

I'm not trying to over state the obvious but my point is that traditional marriage counseling, while usually seen as a last ditch effort, isn't very effective at saving troubled marriages. As a matter of fact, it only has a success rate of about 20%. What that means is that only 2 out of every 10 couples surveyed reported that the counseling was any benefit to them.

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This is not intended to knock marriage counseling. But most of these well meaning folks are trained counselors who focus on individuals. It isn't usually very effective to try and apply individual therapy to marriage. Rather than treat the couple as individuals, it is more effective when they treat the marriage as the client. If this seems strange, it probably is and you won't hear it from most traditional marriage counselors.

Another important part of saving your marriage is being prepared to let your spouse go. This doesn't mean you don't love them and care about them but the more you push people, the more they pull away. When you find yourself in a troubled marriage and facing a possible divorce this can be a very scary concept, but it works.

Finally, a key to saving your marriage is putting yourself in a resourceful state. There are very common and potentially devastating negative emotions associated with a breakup that can destroy your chances to save your marriage (anger, jealousy, hurt, depression etc) Being in the most resourceful state you can be in will enable you to take calm, rational and powerful action to save your marriage.

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Are you wondering how to destroy a marriage? If so, you are probably concerned with your own marriage. Are you guilty of important mistakes that can damage your marriage?

Here are five important mistakes you want to avoid or overcome if you want to have a great marriage. Each of these five mistakes can be a contributing factor that could cause your marriage to fail:


Infidelity is the number-one way to destroy a marriage. If you have been unfaithful to your husband or wife, your spouse is not even obligated to take you back. Fortunately, however, many times the wronged spouse will not want to end the marriage.

Taking your partner for granted

How can you damage marriage? While this does not seem as great a problem as infidelity, taking your partner for granted can cause your partner to look somewhere else for someone who will appreciate him or her.

Wrong Kinds of Communication

Having the wrong types of communication can damage your marriage. Indeed, this problem can cause your marriage to fail. You may wonder, "Can I save marriage?" You wonder if you can save your marriage or a friend's marriage. That is a very important question. What kind of communication do you or your friend have with your spouses? If you have the type of communication that puts down your husband or wife, you are putting words in a bank. Over a long period of time, damaging words may build up to the point to where your partner is not interested in continuing the marriage.

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Withholding Important Information

Just as having the wrong type of communication can make your marriage fail, so can withholding important information. When your spouse discovers what you have been holding back, she may feel betrayed. He may feel disrespected.

Electronic Time Thievery

While technology has been good in many areas, things such as texting, chat rooms, electronic games or use of cell phones sometimes takes away much time the couple could be spending together.

Why does marriage fail? These six things if not held in balance or a proper perspective can cause any marriage to approach failure.

What can you do about it when you realize that you have made some of these mistakes? Make a commitment to correct what you can. Look for "save marriage" books. Apply what you learn.

The six things we have mentioned in this article can be a lesson in "how to destroy a marriage"; however, there are resources that deal with the topic of "how to save marriage." Get some of those "save marriage books," and devour the information. But don't just read them. Apply the principles that are taught in the books.

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