We have the power to explore, experiment and dream toward tomorrow. I’ve found that power to consider my tomorrows is part of what gives me a growth oriented point of view.

For me, a big part of self-growth is about exploring my awareness of what I’m grateful for. My attitude of gratitude, here and now, guides me in choosing what I do next.

In fact, it’s an attitude of gratitude that helps me experiment each day with growth. Because I push off into the day with awareness of all I have to be grateful for, I’m more open to trying new things. I’m more open to working with patient acceptance that what I want simply takes time.

Then, my gratitude fuels my ability to dare to dream. I explore who I am in the present moment, as a grateful person. By exploring, I can discover who I want to become.

You can do this too! It’s the key to getting a self-growth point of view that puts you into action mode. It’s a way of encouraging yourself to keep moving forward.

As you discover bits and pieces of what you want for yourself, you can experiment with bringing what you want into your life. By daring to dream, you can choose to work toward what you want for your future tomorrows. By combining exploration, experimentation and dreaming, you can continue to grow into a more physically and mentally strong person with an attitude and perspective that’s focused on growth.

How? You can go out and consider aspects of who you want to become. Then you can dare to implement.

Exploration can include setting small steps to find out more about what you want in each area of life. You can throw the field of what you might want wide open as you dare to peek at what you’re interested in bringing into your life. That exploration helps you in figuring out what you want as well as how to get what you want for you. Along the way, you start to implement with small actions.

With your attention focused you can focus on a clear goal and you can go deep into making that goal happen. Going deep allows you to take the baby steps that can begin to move you in that one specific direction a little bit at a time. You can experiment to learn whether a particular goal truly leads you in a direction you want to grow.

By experimenting you unearth feelings that repel or attract you. You can let these feelings guide you on what might fit for you.

Your ability to dream gives you the power to consider even what may feel to be impossible goals. The funny thing about impossible goals (like going to the moon!) is that there are possible steps you can put together to get farther than you might initially think. Sometimes that’s by getting help from other people because your first steps attract other people’s interest in collaborating with you!

Then you put your dreams into chunks of steps, of what is really needed to meet with success. That’s right, you create actionable goals. For me, what I find goes hand in hand with this is gratitude. Being grateful is a helpful attitude. When your attitude is one of gratitude you enjoy your life right now. You don’t take things for granted.

Being content comes from gratitude. Contentment can propel you to want more while appreciating all that is in the now. This is even more important when you face big challenges. When you are in trouble, in pain, or bogged down by fear or other difficult situations, gratitude can be the difference that makes all the difference… and gets to you encourage yourself to move forward.

Gratitude can even move you to a delightful perspective on your life as it is, right now, despite all the challenges you face. Exploring, experimenting, and dreaming from a grateful point of view helps me grow through whatever happens.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton provides valuable experience, insight, and inspiration as well as practical nuts and bolts strategy for moving forward.

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