When we gain weight, the one thing that bothers us are the flabby areas. And as we get older, those flabby areas seem like they're being pulled down by gravity giving us those wing-like fat under our arms. When we lose weight, the problem is it sometimes stays there. It is not a pretty sight. But you can get rid of it without going through surgery. The easiest way to do that is by toning your arms.

It is important that you realize that no matter how much you workout, you will not lose those flabby arms if you do not lose some body fat. You will only waste time and end up getting upset because nothing is happening. The idea of spot reduction where you would focus on one area to tone it will not apply in this situation because no matter how much you tone your muscles, you will not get the result you want with the fat hanging there too. The only way to absolutely get rid of that flab is for you start a healthy diet and burn some calories. We all know that cardio exercises can help with that so do a bit of running or biking.

When you have lose the weight, you can start doing most arm toning exercises to firm up your arms. Push ups are a great way for toning the muscles on the back of your arms. It's a perfect way to start since you can start with a low intensity push up by doing it on your knees. Our arms have two main muscles which are the triceps and the biceps. Toning your triceps will help you eliminate those flabby arms. Some tricep exercises that you can do are tricep dips and tricep rope pull down. Tricep dips are easy and you can do it at home too. All you have to do is to place your hands on any ledge that will not move. Make sure that your arms and the ledge are behind you. Then, slowly lower yourself down but don't go all the way down and hold your position for 2 to 3 seconds then go back up. Repeat 10 counts of this and about 2 or 3 sets. For the tricep rope pull down, you will need equipment for this. Arm machines would usually have a rope attached to it. So, grip the rope with both hands with your arms to your sides. Pull the rope downward and as you are doing that, pull your arms away from each other. Return to your first position and do this for about the same count and set as the tricep dips.

You have to remember that with most resistance exercises, you will need to gradually increase the difficulty or else the exercise will lose its effect on your arms. You can do that by adding some variety to your workout or increasing the number of sets that you do. This will help you keep those toned arms after you have lost the fat flab.

Toning your arms is just like any exercise. You have to stay dedicated to getting your arms toned and keeping them that way.

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