Most of us have come across people who are amazingly loving and kind… and we always remember their peaceful and loving ways. Here is a process to become like those loving kind people.

Train Your Mind

Most of us go through our day and have positive and negative thoughts running through our head. That is what the average person is all about. But a truly loving heart only has positive thoughts running through his head. He or she has trained himself to the point to only sees the good.

Decide to Make a Change

This takes practice but it can be accomplished with loving patience for thyself. It takes looking at our thoughts day in and day out and learning to pluck away those thoughts which are not positive and loving. To stand outside of ourselves and see exactly who we are and what we are doing and thus decided to make a change. A change towards a better way of life… allowing all negative thoughts to disappear.

Replace Those Old Thoughts

Take the old negative thought and replace it with a new positive thought. Perhaps someone is talking to you and you are thinking they are a busybody and taking up your valuable time. Thus replace that negative thought with “He or she is a very important person and I need to pay attention to what they are saying and bless them”.

Affirm Every Day

Throughout the day affirm the following “I have loving and kind thoughts” and say that affirmation to yourself silently thousands of times daily. Affirmations are powerful and soon we become what we affirm.

This Will Take Time

This process will take 6 months to 1 year. Making this change takes time… so hang in there and don’t give up. Talk to God and ask God for help to keep you on your desired path… He is always with you and will guide you every step of the way… just listen to the Still Small Voice Within.

You Can Do This!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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