Zoom meetings have been more familiar with a lot of societies since the breakout of the covid-19 pandemic in 2021. People were forced to work from home, so those who hadn’t used online communication tools like Zoom before needed to adopt it quickly into their system.

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In every meeting, transcription is very important. It is not actually a new thing. You might recognize the transcription earlier since you were in elementary school. When your teacher teaches you something, you will take a note of it, although not word for word.


In a business meeting, the meeting notes mean that the person in charge must write down the details of the meeting. In real time, one will need to use their fingers to transcribe the meeting.


But since the Zoom meetings are more complex than the conventional meeting, it has been more challenging for many people to transcribe the main points from different sources. The meeting notes should contain a summary of the ideas, key points, and other important elements. It can be hard to hand this job over to only a single person. Not to mention that you need to spend a lot of money to hire a secretary or someone who can be your transcriber. While it is impossible to capture everything, there is a better way to do it without difficulties.


The helpful service from Notiv zoom recorder can help the business to streamline the transcription tasks during the meeting. The service will do the transcription as the meeting takes place, saving time and effort for everyone who joins the meeting. You just need to set it up and it will capture the meeting in real time.


When the real discussion is up on the table, the most productive sessions can appear. Setting up a transcription service like Notiv will definitely add the optimal endeavors to your meeting. It will help you to capture the voice in the room, making sure that every detail is recorded with good accuracy.


The Notiv note taking app can effectively help you to transcribe all of the things discussed in the meeting without involving the human secretary. In this case, everyone in the meeting will be able to focus on the discussion rather than take notes by themselves. In turn, it will save a lot of time and money in the process.


In the conservative way of transcribing, you are forced to jot down every point and detail. A normal business meeting can take an hour to finish. Within the duration, there's a possibility that you are missing something. It is also the reason why many businesses are slowly progressing. Most of these folks have held the meeting but forgot the complete picture of the meeting.


Missing a tiny single point can make a huge difference in your meeting results. By transcribing your meeting session, you will be able to retrieve all of the things so that you don’t miss a single thing from it.


Transcribing the meeting with the help of Notiv software allows the users to pair the meeting transcript with the files. You can also review the transcriptions to find out what you are missing in the meeting and share it with your colleagues and former teammates.


The audio transcription of Zoom has become a handy feature for individuals and groups who use the particular tool for meetings. The audio transcription feature in Zoom can automatically transcribe the audio of a meeting, which you can record and store on the cloud service.


After processing the script, you will notice the separate VTT file in the recorded meetings.


Here are the ways to do it.


Zoom cloud recording


It is a native zoom faeature. You can do the cloud recording if you are a paid subscriber to Zoom. To record the meeting, you will hit the Record button and the software will record it for you. After that, the recording files will be available to download on the computer or browser.


The cloud recording is accessible through desktop software, as well as the Zoom app on iOS and Android devices. You can also get a local recording where you can store it on your computer. It is available for Pro, Business, or Enterprise accounts. It is easy to start recording. You just need to hit the Record button. To stop the recording, you can end the meeting or stop the recording.


There are two takeaways from this method.

The first one is that only hosts and co-hosts can use the cloud recording feature.


The second thing to consider is that it is a paid feature. So, you must upgrade your account. If you are only using Zoom for meetings, it is cool to upgrade it. But if you also use other software like Google Meet, etc., paying for Zoom for the recording feature could be a waste of your money. Instead, you could use the Notiv note-taking app.


You only need to subscribe to one service, then you can integrate this app with any means of communication you like. This brings us to the next method you can try.


Transcribe your zoom meeting with Notiv software.


Notiv AI Notetaker is an effective tool that allows you to run live transcription Zoom and other online communication tools automatically. It can effectively capture your meetings. Not only will you get the full transcription records, but the software will also provide you with the summaries, action items, and key moments.


The best thing about it is that it can run automatically and transcribe your meeting fully in the background. You will not miss a single thing in your meeting since this buddy is transcribing the overall meeting for you.


It is very easy and simple to set up the Notiv note taking feature. You just need to download and install the app on your device.


Then add the meeting to your calendar.


Notiv will automatically detect if it's a meeting. So, when the meeting takes place, the software will automatically transcribe your meeting session fully.


From the first second your meeting takes place, it will capture every moment of it.


You can easily retrieve the data for review, and share the important points with the fellow members of the meeting.


Get NOTIV now to improve your meeting results.

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