I am a great believer in the tremendous transformative power of words. As Dumbledore said to Harry Potter, “Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.” We are all products of the words that were repeatedly said to us as children, and continue to say to ourselves now. Some of us heard words in childhood that hypnotized us into believing that we’re not valuable or important. However, we can use the magic of words to transform our lives and fully own and embody our inherent worthiness.

I recently became motivated to step up my capacity to own and feel comfortable with my worth when a friend generously offered to host a book signing party for me for my new book about my 3-year cancer journey, Oh No, Not Another ‘Growth’ Opportunity! My first reaction was FEAR! The thought of being the center of attention made me want to run for the hills! But then my higher self piped in and said, “This is a perfect opportunity to work on increasing your sense of self-worth and becoming more comfortable receiving love and appreciation.” When I saw it that way, I said a resounding “Yes!”

I went into training for the book signing party like an athlete; I diligently applied myself towards building my ‘worthiness’ muscles; I felt like the Rocky of self-worth! I saturated myself in words and feelings and evidence of my value. Everyday I went for a walk and as I walked I affirmed, “I am a beautiful soul. I am comfortable being seen and appreciated.” I breathed deep slow breaths and let that belief in. I reinforced that belief by thinking of all the times that I have been loved and appreciated. Every morning when I awoke I imagined and felt complete relaxation and peace as I pickled myself in the energy of love and worthiness.

I know from experience that with focused and fervently felt words we can hypnotize ourselves into or out of just about anything. Here are some examples of times I have used words to successfully psyche myself into more love, more money, greater self-esteem, and better health:

When I first began selling my arts and crafts at the Sunday Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show, it was difficult for me to believe that people would buy my work; therefore, my reality reflected that belief with paltry sales. So…I began imagining and repeating to myself words like: “People are delighted with my creations. They love to buy my arts and crafts.” And they did! As I said my affirmations, my sales increased and I was able to happily make my living at it for 25 years.

When I was ready to have love in my life, I used a powerful form of hypnosis called “yes sets” to help me break through my disbelief. Everyday I’d say a series of truisms about my lovability, getting my mind nodding in agreement, and then I tagged on the new desired belief: “I know that I am a fabulous spiritual partner and fun playmate for some very lucky guy.” That helped open the door for some very lucky guy who I ended up marrying!

I’m currently using the power of words and imagination with my health. I daily verbally affirm how I want my day to go; I see and feel it as if it is already so. I say things like: “I am filled with vitality. I am healthy and strong. I have an abundance of energy to do everything I want to do. I feel comfortable and joyful in my body.” After my chemo and radiation treatment for cancer almost two years ago, I felt pain and discomfort; but when I started affirming and imagining that I was becoming pain free, I soon actually became pain free!

With the help of my magic wand of words, my book-signing party was a wonderful success. I felt relaxed and worthy of all the love and attention I received. I believe we are all on a hero’s journey to discover and reclaim our inherent magnificence, and our soul enthusiastically encourages us, “Remember who you REALLY are!”

How about you? Can you remember times when you used the magic of words to transform yourself into a new way of being? Have you owned that you are a ravishingly beautiful soul? If not, you can affirm, imagine, and feel the truth of that, hypnotizing yourself into owning and being your true magnificent self.

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Janet Jacobsen is the author of the book, Oh No, Not Another "Growth" Opportunity! An Inspirational Cancer Journey with Humor, Heart, and Healing.
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