Your self image is the opinion you have about yourself. Just like how you would form judgments about others, you can also view yourself in a certain way. The problem is that many people do not have very positive self images. They can judge themselves pretty harshly. A negative self image tends to lead to poor self esteem and low confidence. Success is often impeded should you have a self image that is anything but positive.

Your Self Image

To get a good idea of how you view yourself find a moment to sit by yourself and make a list of words that you feel other people would use to describe you. If it helps, think of specific people in your life and write down how you think they view you or think of you.

Is most of the list negative? If so, then you could definitely use the following exercises designed to help you improve your self image.

Picture Yourself

Many people who suffer from a poor self image think they are unattractive or out of style, even though other people may not seem them that way. If you think your self image is appearance related, stand in front of a mirror and take some pictures of yourself or have someone else take some posed shots of you. Do this when you are fully dressed in clothing that makes you feel comfortable with your hair fixed. You want to see yourself how others do on a typical day.

Spend some time looking at the pictures and noting what you like about yourself. If you are having trouble seeing anything of value in your appearances, ask someone who loves you to point out the features that they find attractive. Try to erase the negative thoughts and criticisms and see what they are seeing.

Don't get frustrated if this type of self-reflection and study is uncomfortable at first. It is not going to get better overnight.

Get the Truth

This exercise takes some courage and will be difficult for some people, but it can be the initial step that helps you start to change how you see yourself. Approach one or more people that you are close to and ask them to describe how they see you or talk openly about what they think about you. They may be hesitant to do this, so be prepared to tell them what you are doing and give them permission to talk freely.

While listening, start to write down some key words that they use to describe you which you would not have thought to attribute to yourself. These are little pieces of you that you may not be acknowledging or giving yourself credit for.

Specifically ask people to talk about the positive features and things they love about you. Make a new list with all of these positives compiled and spend some time reminding yourself that you are all of those things.

Seeking Help

It may be necessary to get professional help if you find it difficult to transform your self image. You can do some research online for information on how to transform your self image. However, for deeper work, it is best to work with a practitioner to identify some of your core issues. Only when you can get to the bottom of what they are, can you begin to have a breakthrough.

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