If there is not a rash present on your child's body, it can be difficult to detect eczema . If your baby is difficult to soothe is constantly moving around, fussing and crying, it may be a good idea to talk to your child's physician . Your baby can not communicate that there is an itch, but their incessant restlessness could be an indication that they want to scratch Infants will have trouble scratching or even knowing where there is an itch since their motor skills are not fully developed .

Look for rashes on your infant's face and scalp as early determinants of eczema . Eczema usually appears on the face and the scalp first . Be careful, just because the rash may be visible in these areas does not mean that your infant is not encountering itching in other areas of their body .

If your baby has eczema, it is imperative for you to concentrate on being a good provider and avoid feeling sorry for them . You are better able to find effective ways of treatment if you are not feeling sorry for your infant . It is vital that you keep a diary of effective treatments that help allevieate eczema symptoms and also those things that cause eczema outbreaks . Controlling eczema is a lot easier when there is sufficient documentation of what treatments work well and what substances or chemicals cause outbreaks .

Here are some beneficial suggestions to use as a guide in relieving your infant's eczema:

1. Apply Aloe Vera on your baby's body . This has proved useful in alleviating eczema symptoms .

2. Pay close attention to clothing and make sure that you do not dress your baby in fabrics that could irritate the skin . Wool is not a good fabric to put on your baby, since it has short spiky fibers, it can trigger serious itching fits . Select fabrics with longer fibers like cotton . Moreover, you should avoid wool and other aggravating fabrics when holding your infant, this could cause discomfort to your baby's skin .

3. Avoid scented soaps and detergents . Scented detergents and soaps can irritate your child's skin . Choose unscented detergents and soaps with emollient rich cleaners .

4. Be sure to bathe correctly Your child is less likely to itch if they are soaking in bath water because they are absorbing the moisture and alleviating dry skin . Take oatmeal baths instead of using any type of soap and be sure to moisturize your baby's skin while it is still damp .

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