Dog hot spots are also known as acute moist dermatitis. This particular area of the skin, may be dry and inflamed. Dogs may show signs that they have this condition when they are actively trying to lick and scratch the area. The more that pets irritate the area, the more likely it can become infected. Some pets will loose their hair in the area that is inflamed. Find out what to do when a pet has dermatitis on their skin.

These itchy regions can spread quickly and will need to be looked at right away. When a pet owner does not notice the region for a while. It can cause the area to get bigger or to spread to other parts of the dog. Treating the bald spot early may help it to heal and stop spreading.

When someone notices that their dog has a patch of skin that is red and itchy, they can try a few things to help. Animal owners are encouraged to cut the area of hair in the surrounding area. Removing any small hairs from the spot, can help the cream focus in on the skin condition.

People can apply hydrocortisone creams or sprays to help prevent any further itching. As soon as the pet stops itching the area, it may begin to heal and dry up. To help prevent the itch from happening, owners can try giving their pet Benadryl if it is okay with their vet. Allergy medication may stop the itch so that the pet can begin to heal.

When a pet knows that the area is infected and itchy, they may try to bite and scratch at it. Dog owners can prevent the biting and scratching, by putting a cone on the pets head. The cone will fit to size and will help the dog not scratch while it is healing. After a day or two the cone can be removed and the dried up area will no longer be itchy.

People will need to watch the area of skin closely. They will want to keep an eye on it to make sure that it isn't spreading or getting worse. If an infection develops, it may need some medicated cream. A vet can prescribe the right antibiotics to help heal the wound.

Animal owners may want to find out what their pet is allergic to. It could be allergies associated with a certain time of year, or it could be related to something else. Some pets are allergic to fleas and if they get them, they may scratch themselves until they bleed. A vet can order an allergy test for the pet to see what they may be sensitive to.

When a pet owner finds dog hot spots on their pet, they may wonder what to do. These skin legions are normal and can be treated in a simple way. Protecting the area from getting scratched and bitten is the best way to help it heal. Creams and sprays may stop it from being itchy, spreading and becoming infected.

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