Sexual activities come under the basic need of human being and it is a very important part of life. Dis-satisfactory sexual life leads to many diseases. So it is very necessary to take powerful steps to maintain our sexual power and to keep our body and mind healthy.

Now here are some powerful ways to overcome Sexual impotency. It will help to make you strong and make you comfortable to enjoy sexual life.

1. In-taking 2 or 3 garlic daily is a good way to increase power within.

2. Having betel daily in the evening after dinner will also help you to increase your sexual power.

3. If you use white onion daily with the meal it will increase the power of your sexual organs.

4. Having Banana with milk in the morning is also a powerful formula to increase power.

5. Have dry fruits daily.

Astrology Treatment of Sexual Impotency:

AS planets are fully responsible for the happenings in life so it is a must to take proper astrology measures to treat impotency.

1. If any malefic planets are creating problems then it is good to proceed for the Shanti process.

2. By having a combination of gems stones will give tremendous results to increase sexual power.

3. Sex enhancer ring is also good for that first it is necessary to check the horoscope in detail.

4. Meditation to increase sex power is a very powerful way to increase power naturally.

5. Special breathing technique is also a good way to increase power.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council.