I think you have at one point in time experienced what experts refer to as sleep apnea. This is a situation where you are short of breathe at some stops during your sleep. In such a condition, you are very likely to take little oxygen which can be a challenge to your health and can as well make you get up at a point while you are sleeping.
There are very few people that realize they stopped breathing at a point during their sleep. What this shows is that majority of us thinks that our sleep cycle is very normal. Though, you may have suspected that you snore too much or suspect that you have this condition. If yes, there are some natural ways of dealing with the condition. This is the reason why people from different parts of the world are searching their engines on sleep apnea Hong Kong or other words because they want to get instant help.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

It is highly recommended that people with sleep apnea should lose weight. This is because being overweight or obese especially on the upper side increases your risks of airway obstruction greatly. So, losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can keep your airways clear and healthy. Research shows that weight reduction can eliminate this condition but if you regain your weight later in life, the condition can return.

Sleep position

The way you sleep is going to impact the way you breathe significantly. In some cases, altering the way you sleep can reduce the symptoms of this condition and make it easy for you to sleep better. As a mater of fact scientists believe that more than half of these conditions are caused by the sleep position.
Sleeping on your back is one of the highest contributors of this condition. This position also known as supine position is very likely to worsen the symptoms. So, you can opt to sleeping on your sides because it is known to normalize your breathing.

Oral appliances

Some oral appliances can reposition your jaw and tongue and eventually keep the airways open. You can choose to use the tongue stabilizing devices or mandibular advancement devices. The devices will work by moving the tongue forward and lowering your jaw which decreases obstruction at the airways.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

These two are the main reasons why people have breathing and other serious conditions as they sleep. This means that you have to either reduce or stop smoking and taking alcohol. Lifestyle changes will be a way to control this condition. Verily, alcohol is known to relax the throat muscles which increase the chances of snoring. Taking too much of it can as well lead to inflammation of the airways which can lead to sleep apnea.

Using a Humidifier

Dry air can lead to many and serious breathing issues. In some cases, dry air can irritate the body and the respiratory systems. Considering a humidifier is a good treat because it adds moisture to the air and reverses the entire condition.

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