Troubleshooting is a logical and systematic search to find the root cause of the problem that is causing the machine to malfunction. It involves the identification of the symptoms causing the problem, elimination of the potential cause, and at last, ensuring that the solution restores the machine to it’s working state.

As you know that every cell phone or device is not perfect, there are instances when these devices can malfunction and require troubleshooting. So, if your Samsung android device is not functioning properly try troubleshooting it.

Troubleshooting Your Cell Phone

If you’re having a Samsung Galaxy S or S II or the other Samsung android device and you’re having hassle making calls to people or having issues with BlueTooth connections, and you’re seeking for a cell phone repair shop, then Samsung’s official diagnostic app is for you.

Samsung’s official diagnostic app provides you with device-specific troubleshooting tools that help to identify the problems straight away. It also has in-app support for firmware updates and displays system information about the user’s device.

Moreover, if it fails to resolve the issue then it connects you to Samsung’s online customer support center for more help.

Samsung’s Official Diagnostic App: How It Works?

Samsung’s official diagnostic app is quite user-friendly. To identify, diagnose, and fix your problem you only need to follow the onscreen instructions as displayed by the app. After the app is installed you need to follow the steps given below:

Open the application.

Choose one of the three given options:

Diagnose problem
Device tutorial
System information

If you click on “Diagnose problem”. It will further ask you the type of problem you are facing and based on your selection it will proceed further. The nature of the problem faced by you could be any of the following:

Problem with the device display.
Problem while connecting via BlueTooth.
Problem while connecting your device using USB.
Problem while starting the camera and many more.

Select the nature of the problem you are facing.

Once you select the nature of the problem, it will then describe to you the possible root cause with the steps you need to follow to fix the problem.

If your cell phone’s problem still persists then it will connect you to Samsung’s online customer help center for further assistance.

Moreover, if you want to check out the overall status of your cell phone, click on “System Information”. It will display information such as the device ID and wifi address. If the solutions provided by Samsung’s diagnostic app fails, you need to show your cell phone to a technician.

Samsung’s official diagnostic app has made troubleshooting easy. You don’t have to search for a phone repair near me to fix your cell phone. It enables you to repair your Samsung cell phone device on-the-go anytime, and anywhere. This app is absolutely free and you can download it from the Android market.

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