This is very much common problem found among many of us. Because many a times in our life it happens that due to some personal problems, due to some financial constraint, due to loyalty with owners, due to loyalty with organization, due to geographic locations, due to monetary gains, due to family pressure, due to not having any other skill, due to age etc. we may not be in a position to change our current job. No matter how much we dislike it and in many case we may hate it, but the reality is that we have to do it.

It is quite understandable that the frustration level these types of job creates, but as we told earlier despite of all odd still you have to continue that job at least for some time until you find something more meaningful, more rewarding than your current job.

It is lot easier said than done to continue it, but, for those who are currently passing from this scenario here, we have mention some very useful tips, some solid suggestions, some tried and tested ideas or more or less you can say here we have mention some ways and means to do these kind of the jobs without losing the charm out of it.


Generally, this process or step must start from the very beginning, because when you are interviewed for the job or when you are told about your job profile at that time only it gives you clear cut picture about what could be your job, what could be your role and responsibilities, what could be your duties etc. So, from that very moment it becomes quite clear that the role is offered to you or the profile you are accepting is how much boring or interesting or challenging would be, so, it is the initial period from where you start to find out something good, something fun oriented, something more meaningful about that job.


Another way to create some life, or creating some interest in your boring job is that find out something more meaningful or more fun oriented activity in your current job and see how it can be more meaningful, I do understand that it is lot easier said than done but if you can do it well and good, but, what if you cannot find something like it?

Then, simple solution of the problem is thoroughly re-check your current job profile and find out the areas where you are not paying attention or the minor seems kind of the area of your job where you can enhance the scope of your work. These are the areas of your job which may seems smaller or overall insignificant but it has its own kind of the challenge, so, these challenge will certainly help you to find some fun, some interest in your current boring job.


Many a times it is found that the boring or uninteresting jobs provides vital opportunity to increase your knowledge. Many a times it is found that the company for which you are working is also providing some training in another areas of their operations, company’s website may offer many online tutorials. So, find out what are the learning opportunities your company may offer and if they don’t offer any learning opportunities inside the organization, find out some external resources from where you can increase your knowledge, request your current employer to access that learning through sponsorship or with some concession on fees, so, by this way also you can keep some interest in Government Jobs.


Another way to turn your boring job into more interesting and fun oriented is establish some goal. By establishing goals in your job, you can keep your job more interesting.

Because it is commonly found that whenever you have any specific goal related to anything in your mind focus or the attention level automatically increases up to great extent.

The common logic may be for achieving that goal you need to focus hard on it and that hard focus may create some interest in your Active job.


Trading your job with another department of your organization, trading your job with another colleague is one more way to create some fun or interest in your present boring job.

Though, most of the organization have some specific policy about each department and candidate, it is not easier to trade of your job, but with the permission of your boss or HR people if you can do something like this, it is well and good.

Find out the department or the area of the organization where you would like to work or find out the colleague with whom you can trade off your current position without much trouble.


One of the major reason of your job seems boring to you may be you have set fix and monotonous routine for doing the job.

No doubt, each job has its fix routine which must be maintain at any cost, no doubt each job has some fix schedule which has to be follow with rare exception, no doubt each job has its some monotonous task which one has to without much consideration, so, up to an extent it is quite difficult to altogether change whole routine, but, by analyzing properly, evaluating everything in its most logical manner, there are some chances of change the routine.

So, find out the areas where you can change it, do something differently at a different time, and see how it works, it may create some interest or fun in your dull looking or boring job.


Turning a boring job in most exciting career seems hilarious task, but, it is worth of efforts because before changing the job which seems boring, before changing the entire industry which seems boring, before changing the path of career which seems boring, it is always good, to implement the workable solution like above mention steps, and despite of implementing the steps, still result seems negative, it is the best time to change the job, industry or profession and find out something which gives you joy, thrill, excitement and interest.

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Angela bale is an entrepreneur, Marketer and writer. I swim cycle, and run a lot. When i/m not doing all those, I love to read and try new things.