How To Turn A Girl On Within Seconds: How To Fully Satisfy A Woman In Bed

If you want to remain a romantic and sensual hero in the eyes of any girl then you should know tricks that can get the fires burning within her body within seconds.

Here are some tips that can help you to ignite fires of passion so that both of you end up having the most amazing sex ever.

Get tuned in to her likes and dislikes. Even before you make any physical or mental move to get her all worked up in the web of desire, you should get tuned in to her likes and dislikes. You can do this by asking her or simply observing her reactions to certain situations. This will help both of you in future as you will not end up gifting her orchids or taking her out to eat caviar if she is allergic to those items.

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Seduce her mentally. Girls treat sex as a mental and physical adventure as compared to guys that mostly look at only the physical side of things. So, treat your girl to a romantic adventure before proceeding to the physical one. Walk together on the beach or a park, enjoy a quiet dinner or watch a movie together. Gifting her roses or giving her gifts too is a nice way of setting up the mood for the adventure ahead.

It is not all dim lights, camera, and action in the bedroom! After entering the bedroom do not swiftly jump on the bed and get into intercourse mode within seconds. The only one achieving an orgasm would be you. Instead, use kisses along with hugs and caresses to transform the mental seduction into a physical one. The stage will now be set for your girl to get totally turned on and also achieve the first of many orgasms within seconds.

Houston, we have an orgasm! With the stage set up, you can now perform foreplay on your girl by performing cunnilingus on her or stimulating her g-spot by inserting your fingers in her vagina. This is sure to excite her within seconds and continued usage of your tongue and fingers will result in explosive orgasms. She will also be wet and ready for penetration and your turned-on girl will also be ready to reach a fantastic orgasm along with you within seconds.

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If you're a guy and you like giving your woman GREAT SEX, you'll like this article.

The reason I say that is because we are going to take a look at 7 ways to take the already awesome 'doggy-style' position and make it even more SEXUALLY SATISFYING for you and your woman.

So read on and use one of all of these sex tips the very next time you 'get it on' with her...

1. Do It Stood Up Or Kneeling

You can take your woman from behind whilst you are both stood up or whilst you are both kneeling. Having both options is great because it gives you variety and variety stops things getting boring in the bedroom.

2. Touch Her Anus

As you are doing your woman 'doggy-style' -- use your thumb to gently stimulate her anus. This will drive her wild (especially if you do it when she is very close to having an orgasm).

3. Grab Her Hair

One of the big reasons why women love the doggy-style position is because it makes her feel like her man is totally in control. Another reason is because there's something NAUGHTY about it.

Well, you can make your woman feel like you are in even more control and make the 'doggy' position even naughtier by grabbing her hair in your hand.

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4. Make Her Rest Her Head On The Bed

This sex tip makes the doggy-style position even more exciting for your woman. It makes it more DIRTY. And it makes her feel totally vulnerable to you.

All you do is get her to put her head on the bed (instead of her holding herself up on her arms). This position (with her bottom higher than her head) will make her very sexually excited.

5. Talk Dirty

The 'doggy-style' sex position is even better if you add in a good helping of dirty talk.

Good dirty talk will make the whole experience more sexually pleasurable for your woman and will help you to push her 'over the edge' and make her have an orgasm.

6. Give Her Anal Sex

If you want to take everything to the next level and make things really naughty -- try having ANAL SEX in the doggy-style position. This is about as dirty as it gets.

7. Give Her Vaginal Orgasms

Of course, if you want to make the experience 100% rewarding for your woman, you need to give her vaginal orgasms as you do her from behind. You should be aware that this is much easier to do if you can already give your woman vaginal orgasms with fingering techniques.

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Although being somebody as famous as Andy Roddick or Rafael Nodal has absolutely nothing to do with making women fall for you, there are some great tips that can get you a queue of women lying up to jump into bed with you every day (or night). Keep reading to get these tips and offer women astounding orgasms like none they have ever experienced before...

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Tip #1: Surprise her somehow. By surprising a woman, you can make her long for you in a sexual manner. However, if all the tricks up your sleeve are all of the same ones she has already been through with you before, you will both just end up getting bored in end because of the sexual repetition.

If you want to try out something unconventional for a change, think about doing it in public! If the idea of having public sex is not exactly a good one for you, the best place for you to try it out to begin with would be at home - perhaps in your back garden.

Tip #2: Show some spontaneity every now and then. If you want to bring the flames back into your sex life, pretend like it is the first time you are having sex with one another, even though the amount of sack sessions you have had can no longer be counted. As long as you can revive those nervous feelings you had before having sex with this particular woman, you can revive the fire in both of your sex lives all at once.

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Tip #3: Send her thoughts on a wild rampage. Turn your woman on by turning her thoughts on at the same time. Try out some sex games to send both of your brains into the proper sexual mood, for example.

Another thing you could take a look at is sexual stories. Read some erotic stories or sexual books together and then talk about your own sexual fantasies. Who knows? You might even share a fantasy that you can later on reenact in bed together.

Tip #4: Memorize the right touches. Women all have certain body parts that bring them intense pleasures. Find out what these body parts are with your particular woman today!

If you are not really fond of the thought of asking your woman which body parts turn her on through touch, try to find out by touching her on your own. Simply take a mental note of the body parts that made her moan louder than usual and concentrate on them to get her to burst out in ultimate sexual bliss once you are in bed.

Tip #5: Control your sexual prowess. Some of the sex tips that can be found in today's day and age might be a little advanced, but are very effective in what they do. In fact, they can even give you better sexual powers. One of these tips can even make women reach an orgasm before you even set a finger on them!

All this tip needs is some "conversational conditioning" to charge up a woman in a sexual manner through the sound of your voice. Yes, it is that powerful.

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Tell her that you will give her the ultimate pleasure- Give her a preview of what's about to come. Tell her that she is about to get something she has never ever experienced before. Doing this would build her anticipation and she would be more turned on which would help her achieve an orgasm extremely fast.

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Go very slow- The slower you do it the more pleasure she would experience. Move from her lips down to her tummy area kissing softly all over the place. Again doing this makes her go absolutely wild and often she would orgasm even before you get into the intercourse mode only because your foreplay was extremely strong.

Keep her waiting till the last minute- This is the extremely useful trick which would make her orgasm within seconds of your entry. The trick here is to rub your penis around her vaginal area but not to insert it. Let her know that you are around but keep making her hungry. You see the more she waits the more desperate she would get and the more strong her feelings would get. She would orgasm within a matter of a few seconds if you implement this effectively.

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