I do what I can do here and now. I push myself – including to relax, rest and recreate! – because I’m staying focused on the long term.

In tiny ways.

Yes, I’m daring to do small stuff.

Because I can do tiny things.

When I do the itsy-bitsy’s short term, I gain practice.

Practice leads to habits and routines. Done with enough effort over time, that’s where I’ve found momentum can show up.

Momentum: I’ve learned that’s what the big stuff is born from.

So, I’m content to keep on keeping on with what I can do now.

Even when it feels like it’s not much due to the big challenges I’m facing now.

Even when it seems there’s not enough value in any one small thing to really matter.

Because I know from experience that the small stuff does matter!

For example, I’ve learned I can do more long term than seemed possible. Even when what I do is simply one small thing after another small thing.

I’ve found that the momentum, awareness and effectiveness I gain in doing the small is part of the process of achievement.

In the past, learned that exponential growth comes when I tighten in on the tiny tasks consistently, persistently, over time.

I’ve discovered that I can make a difference in small ways.

That’s fortunate because this time round, I’m facing even more challenges.

Yet I’ve learned to trust in the doing of the tiny.

So, I dare to do the tiny.

Teeny tiny things done repeatedly over time become powerful ways of helping.

In fact, I’ve found it’s the small things that do make a difference.

For example, when I do something small, I can more easily identify what went well.

If it’s something small to help someone, I can more readily identify how both of us benefited from the experience. Knowing how I made a little bit of a difference encourages me to be helpful to more people.

It builds over time! Small steps helping one person lead me to then be able to use each small step to help many people.

This comes about naturally, because I feel good about myself from the process! Helping one person inspires me to help again — and it motivates me to notice (and ACT) when opportunities arise.

When what I do is small, I really can get a pretty accurate idea of how I was helpful. I’m more able to help with something somewhat bigger when I’ve experienced helping someone and seeing clear results.

Once I’ve shared myself in very small ways, I notice I’ve got more skills that are helpful for others than I’d initially realized. I begin to see more small ways to be helpful.

As I act by helping people, I notice I have ways of solving problems that are useful for others. My small initial steps lead me to an awareness of other ways I can make a difference in the world.

For example, the way I figured out how to solve a particular problem might be exactly what one specific someone else in front of me right now needs to know. And in being with someone who has now that problem I once had, before I solved it, well, hey, I become willing to share my solution, even when it feels small, silly or simply straightforward.

In showing my way of solving a problem to one person, I help them in that moment — and I gain deeper skills as I help.

When I do something small to help someone right now, I start a powerful process that helps me make valuable things happen for me, for them, and soon enough for another person.

This process can work for you, too!

Here are some questions to ask yourself to get started:

What are some of your skills that you’d like to broaden?

How might your skills serve one person in a specific simple situation?

What’s one small step that’s part of that, that could really happen this week?

Where might you find one person you could help with that one step?

Literally! As in, are you a member of a community where you might find out who needs your help from someone who knows both you and that person you’d be able to help? As a warm handshake introduction – or as a heads up from a common friend or family member where you already know each other well but might not realize you can help.

While you figure that out, ponder a bit on exactly what you’ve got to offer – and when you can start if you kept it small enough the first time to fit into sitting down for a five-minute phone connect or for a 15-minute “coffee” today.

You can make a difference when you choose something quite small that you do especially well.

You’ll make a bigger and bigger difference over time! When you start to do one small thing consistently over a period of time, helping one person, and then another, and another, what you’re doing multiplies.

You’ll get better at taking action.

You’ll learn ways of being more helpful to people.

You’ll discover that you’re growing as you do.

There’s power in small things done well over time.

When you get started you’ll discover you know a lot more ways to be helpful than you’d realized. As you help others, your own big achievements will begin to follow in ways you cannot predict!

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