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Whether you have been married for 2 days or 20 years, understanding your husband can be a challenge, to say the least. It's not that he is overly complicated it's probably that he doesn't help much in communicating what makes him happy.

So here are a few secrets your husband wants you to know and this should help you in understanding him.

He likes to believe he is making you happy. You husband may not always act like he cares about your happiness by the way he acts but most likely he does care more than you think. He has two problems though. First, he is afraid to find out if you are happy because if you are unhappy he is fearful that he won't be able to solve the problem and then you'll probably want to leave him. Second, it's a blow to his ego, pride and manhood if he isn't making you happy.

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Your husband is sensitive on the inside. Just because he was raised to be rough and tough and not a girly man, he still hurts on the inside. He has learned how to appear as though nothing bothers him, but don't let that stop you from treating him with TLC. Draw out that tender spirit and understanding your husband will get a lot easier.

He worries about his looks too. Yes, despite not eating right and exercising, he is conscientious about his looks. He probably checks his hairline and thin spots on a daily basis and looks for wrinkles just like most women do. If you see him starting to take steps to cover up some of the signs of getting older, encourage him about his looks and help him feel better about himself. Your husband will appreciate your understanding his need to feel young and vibrant.

Your sweetie pie likes to be told what to do from time to time. If understanding your husband more is a real goal then you probably should help him by being direct with him. You might want to engage him in conversation to find out what he thinks about a particular issue or problem when all he wants and needs is direction. It's not that he doesn't love talking to you, but at times, he just needs to know what you want because whatever your answer is, he is fine with it.

Understanding your husband can mean the difference between a struggling marriage, a so-so marriage and a great marriage. He isn't that complicated but he is hard to figure out at times.

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Marriage seems like a walk in the park on your wedding day. It's easy to believe that the journey ahead will be filled with only good times and happiness. Unfortunately, for most couples the honeymoon phase is short lived. We all change over time and that includes our spouses. If you're married to a wonderful man but you're beginning to question whether he's truly as happy and fulfilled as he was when you two first married, there's a way to tell by his actions. Men are an open book when it comes to gauging how they feel based on certain small signs. Once you can recognize those signs, you can then do what is necessary to ensure he starts to experience the happiness you want him to within the relationship.

Determining whether or not your husband is happy starts with comparing his attitude towards you today versus before you two were married. It's inevitable that he would be somewhat different now. However, if that difference is causing you emotional pain because he's turned to being unkind towards you or critical, that can't be ignored. When a man is unhappy he'll take his frustration over that out on his wife. She's the person he's closest to and therefore the person he's most likely to lash out at. If you find that you're continually struggling with feelings of being belittled by your husband, it's obvious that he isn't happy at all.

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If your husband has lost interest in the things he was once passionate about, that's another sign that he's unhappy. When a person starts to feel disconnected from their life, they'll withdraw into themselves more and more. If he was once a vibrant and dynamic man who spent a great deal of time outdoors and now he's typically sitting in front of the television each night, that's not promising for your marriage. Although it could be strictly work related, there's a very good chance that he's also not finding the joy in your relationship that he once did.

The amount of time he's setting aside for you and your relationship is also very telling. If he comes up with endless excuses for why the two of you can't spend time together, alone, that suggests that he's feeling uncomfortable with the idea of it. If you believe this to be the case, you have to act quickly to save the marriage. If he continues to pull back and you simply ignore it, you can expect your marriage to fall apart right before your very eyes.

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You both work hard at establishing the relationship and the chances are that you have a wonderful time in doing so. The relationship progresses and you get engaged. You manage to survive the dreaded cold feet syndrome and you got married. You went away on your honeymoon, I hope that you had a great time and now you are back, just about to walk through your front door, this is where reality reasserts itself and you begin the quest to find the secret to a happy marriage.

First of all you have to want a happy marriage, you have to be positive and confident about the future, you have to look forward to each and every day with the person who has become the centre of your universe. There are going to be some rough times ahead but so long as you believe in what you have then you will not only make it through but your bond will grow stronger.

Marriage is a partnership, it is a union of two equal halves, from the moment you got married it was no longer all about I, it is now all about we. Now this does not mean that you have to give up your separate identities, who you are is what drew you together and you do not want to lose that. You are each others emotional and physical support and you face the good times and the bad times together. Do not forget that your marriage is the strongest bond that you can have between two people, it supersedes all tie to friends and family! People can move on, even your kids, your spouse is the only one who will stay with you for the rest of your life. You are each others one guaranteed constant in an ever changing world.

It is vital that you never stop communicating. If you do not communicate, how will you know the others needs or feelings. If there are issues then a lack of communication will ensure that they spiral out of control and possibly wreck your relationship. Basic human curiosity should keep you interested in each others lives, it will give you something to talk about and the more that you talk the stronger your bond will become. When your partner is saying something then listen to what they are saying, show them that you care about their opinions and give them the respect that they deserve.

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Regardless of wether you have a happy or unhappy marriage you are going to have some rough patches. It is important that you deal with them and not ignore them. If you ignore then they will still be there, nothing will have changed, but those problems will fester and cause you unnecessary grief. The secret to a happy marriage dealing with your problems rationally and calmly, a screaming match will only prolong the situation, so if you need to cool down before you discuss things then do so. You have to be willing to negotiate and compromise, find a solution and then move on.

A seriously contentious area can be who is paying for what, do you have joint bank accounts, who looks after the bills etc. This is something that you need to agree on as early as possible.

When you first started to build your relationship you went out on dates and enjoyed each others company. Let me tell you a secret, just because you are married it does not mean that you have to stop. You should always spend quality time together because it helps to strengthen the feelings that made you fall in love in the first place. O.K so you might both have busy schedules, then cancel something, your relationship is the most important thing and that should never have to play second fiddle to anything. You do not have to go for wildly extravagant dates, go to the movies, go for a walk, or if its raining curl up in front of the TV, so long as you are together.

There are a lot of simple things that you can do to reinforce your bond. Kiss when you leave home and when you return, do something for your spouse every day, be courteous, try new things together and maybe even...laugh at their jokes. You can probably think of a lot more anything that shows that you care.

When you got married you made a commitment and it is one that you need to stick to, no matter what happens. As the years go by the experiences that you both share will help to enrich your relationship. The secret to a happy marriage is to work at it, maintain your commitment, keep your loved one at the centre of your universe and I hope that you will be together for many happy years to come.

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Getting married is an exciting and fun time, and usually people in the lovely honeymoon stage are blissful and fully in love.

Your job should be to try and keep it in that stage for as long as possible. Here's the deal, I had a ton of trouble in my marriage, in fact it stretched out to be about 5 years or so of trouble.

But I don't say that to discourage you at all. You see unlike a lot of people I'm not jaded by marriage. I think marriage can and should be a life long celebration of two people who found each other, connected, and made a decision to stay together for the rest of their lives.

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Most people take that vow very light heartedly these days with one eye on the divorce attorney business card all the while. That's not the right way to go about things, and the one thing that I talk about a lot is how you should totally take divorce off the table as an option. Totally burn that bridge and I think you'll see your marriage have a lot more success.

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You probably think I'm going to say learn to communicate effectively right? That's what everyone says. Sure learn to communicate that's important too, but not as important as learning to embrace one another's differences.

And while they're still prevalent in your mind, before life gets in the way start taking notes of all the things that you truly love and admire about your spouse, and take the time to notice those things each and everyday. Become and learn to love each other as best friends and your marriage will survive the thick and thin, because it's my opinion and that the bond of friendship lasts longer than the bond of sexual love and intimacy.

But the two together make a powerful combination and can literally change the entire course of your marriage. Most people will never get the marriage advice that they need in order to enjoy the marriage they deserve.
And if you're taking your marriage vows seriously then you truly do deserve a great marriage and if you do a few simple things that I've told you, you will get exactly that.

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