Having a breakup doesn't necessarily mean that it is the end of everything. In fact it could be a chance for you to revitalize your relationship and start it back again on a better note. If your feelings for your partner are real, then instead of losing hopes you should rather ask yourself the question, how to get your ex back?

If you have decided to try and get back your ex, then first you should try to know if your ex is thinking the same as you. You will need to find that out if he/she still wants you back. It won't be the easiest task to get an answer to this question, but once you get the answer to this question, it will become easier for you to get your ex back.

If you are now assured that your partner is open to establish communication with you again, then you should take care that you keep an open mind before you proceed. It is better if you develop a new understanding towards the thoughts and feelings of your partner, this will help a lot in getting them back.

To know if they still love you, you will have to take your steps carefully. The best way to do so is to behave differently with them. By differently what I mean is that try n behave casually instead of the usual lover. This will allow you to judge how they behave. Asking them to do something for you as a friend, would be a good way to notice if they are still willing to do things for you. Another simple way of understanding if your ex still has the feelings for you would be to find out if your ex has been inquiring about your well being lately. Usually your ex would communicate with your close friends rather than directly talking to you.

Many people may give you varying advices but none can be compared to your instinct. Trust what your instincts say to you about your ex. The only thing you should take care off is that you don't get emotionally compromised while trying to win back your ex.

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Getting my ex back is the most common thought that goes through the mind of someone who has recently broken up . Such people can find useful info regarding how to win love back from the many articles found on the internet.