There is no doubt in the fact that a window air conditioning unit is an excellent means to combat the scorching summer heat. But unlike other devices, these air conditioning units also require care and maintenance on timely basis. The size, placement, height of installation and regular maintenance are very crucial in making the air conditioning work in an effective manner. 

The key note role of the aircon is to maintain the temperature of the room but with time and continuous usage it tends to be become weary of itself and demands care. Here are few points that will help you maintain your window air conditioning with ease:

  • Some Early Season Maintenance Tips:

Due to the prolong winter season, the window mounted aircon was left unused and thus will demand timely air conditioning maintenance in Quakers Hills from waking up from the winter slumber. Here are few things that will help you do so:

  • Remove the cover from the outdoor component of the air conditioning unit. Look through the interiors to check the presence of any insects or their nesting grounds. 
  • For the thorough inspection of the air conditioning in Quakers Hills, carefully unplug it from the wall. Next you will have to remove its front access and gently remove the air conditioning unit from the mounting frame.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner and keep it on low speed and gently clean up the condenser coils. For more thorough cleaning you can hose off the coils but remember not to wet the internal components or the motor!
  • Additionally you will have to check for the presence of any bent cooling fins in the condenser coils. Use a fin comb and carefully straighten out the bent fins.
  • Inspect the foam air filter for the presence of any dirt or damage; wash it with soap and water, if needed.
  • Now you will have to replace the outer frame. Reinstall the front cover and then plug it into the electrical outlet to restore its productivity!
  • Undertake Regular Seasonal Maintenance:

With perfect maintenance via the aircon service in Ingleburn at the start of the cooling season will keep it in perfect state for the entire season! However the filter needs to be checked every month to ensure top class working efficiency. Also the water pan must be cleaned on timely basis with the aid of a clean rag or sponge. Ensure proper drainage to keep the growth of moulds under check!

If your busy schedule prevents you from having ample time to undertake the repairs of the air conditioning units then do not hesitate to summon for professional help! It is the professionals who are experts in catering to the needs and requirements of the air conditioning units with much ease. However not all experts can undertake the repairs of all kinds and brands of air conditioning, so make sure that they cater to your type and brand of aircon prior to hiring them. Additionally have an idea of their workmanship and ethics by giving a thorough read to their testimonies!

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