By Melanie West

As an educational psychologist, I have spent many years watching, observing and working with children, particularly those with learning disabilities. The majority of the children I work with are creative and bright, yet they often have a difficult time with the learning process. Neurological testing will show that the child’s brain is not processing information uniformly, but no test really explains why this imbalance is occurring. How to strengthen learning and improve recall of learned information remained a mystery until one simple paradigm opened up a wellspring of information. A true understanding of why children struggle with learning started to unfold and the answers for the right-brained learner took shape.

We Are All Different
Understanding human behavior, I was fully aware that we are all different, so I kept at my own research and exploration of the brain, and a remarkable, yet, simple understanding unfolded. Creative children are right-brained thinkers and traditional teaching is based on left hemisphere processing. Thus a right-brained child will exert great effort when learning from traditional workbooks, class lectures or independent reading. Right brain dominant students are not struggling in school because something is wrong with them; the problem is these types of thinkers are trying to learn the wrong way.
Unleash Amazing New School Success
For the right-brained child, the right hemisphere (conceptual processing) is often unable to effectively pass information to the left hemisphere (language center). What needs to be fully understood, it that the right hemisphere requires strong visual images in order to conceptualize new concepts. A right-brained learner has difficulty with “words” because words do not always build accurate pictures and pictures are required for the right hemisphere to think. Traditional left hemisphere teaching strategies make a child feel insecure and incapable of learning. In support of the right-brained child, it was important that I develop a new approach, one that would activate alternative thinking patterns thereby building neurological pathways for learning. By identifying and tapping into the right-brained child’s own authentic learning style, I have been able to develop a system that has now helped countless numbers of children unleash amazing new school success.
Let Your Child Start Enjoying the Learning Process
As soon as I understood what was taking place for the right-brained child, I knew how to present information in a way that makes a right-brained thinker become a faster, more effective learner. Realizing that the human brain has an amazing ability to adapt and grow, I knew if I presented information to the brain that matched the child’s specific learning style a struggling child would transform into a confident learner. Using these unique and powerful strategies, a right-brained child no longer needs to struggle with the learning process, but can instead unleash his or her full learning potential.
Is Your Child a Right-Brained Learner?
If you notice that your child performs inconsistently, has a hard time remembering sequences, misreads easy words, has low reading comprehension, seems disorganized, or has a poor sense of time, it could be that your child is a right-brained learner. To learn more about right brain learners, take a moment to review the following video at, and discover how you can help your child have a greater learning experience.
You can also visit where a free on-line test is provided which determines whether your child is right brain dominant. Together, you and your child can unleash the power of your child’s full learning potential.

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Melanie West is America's leading authority on “Right Brain Learning” and the founder of The Right Side of Learning program. As an Educational Psychologist and expert in her field of endeavor, Melanie has helped thousands of children and families get back on the educational track. Not only does she teach children how to survive in the learning environment, but she also empowers them to truly excel in school. Melanie is available for consultations and can be contacted through her website at