SIM Unlocking implies enabling the slot of the SIM in your mobile device to let you put in a SIM card of another carrier – it can be either internationally or domestically.

However, unlocking your device won't essentially make the device inter-operable with the network of any other carrier. Moreover, unlocking the device can allow some features of the device to work, but not all. For instance, the unlocked phone may not support the data services if worked on any other network. Also, not all of the devices can have their SIM slot unlocked.

Nowadays, most of the leading wireless service providers, such as Verizon, allow their customers to unlock a Verizon phone in order to use it on other wireless services. At present, Verizon does not lock most of its 3G and 4G LTE mobile devices to its network. The phones that are locked to the network of Verizon are the “Prepaid Phone in the Box devices” and the “non-iPhone 3G World” mobile devices. These may though be unlocked with some exceptions.

Unlocking the Non-iPhone 3G World Phones

Step 1.
You need to insert your SIM card for any other wireless service carrier in the Verizon Global Ready 3G world phone.

Step 2.
Now, go through the user's guide of your phone in order to determine the programming menu of your phone. Each Global Ready 3G phone of Verizon has its own particular set of instructions to get into its programming menu.

Step 3.
In case the user's guide of your phone doesn't give any instruction for entering the programming menu, you must contact the Verizon customer service (Wireless) straight away by dialling *611 using your Verizon mobile, or you can call Verizon customer service number 1-xxx-922-xxx from any other phone.

Step 4.
Next, to use the Global Ready SIM card of Verizon on any other network, you may call Verizon Wireless on the Verizon contact information given in the above step and request for a SIM unlock. This time, Verizon will ask you to talk to a live customer representative to get your SIM card unlocked.

Step 5.
Further, you have to Enter either “123456” or “000000” on the prompt. These are the universal codes that will unlock your Global Ready 3G phone. When your phone gets unlocked, you may use your Verizon phone on another compatible wireless service network.

Unlocking the Prepaid Phone in the Box Mobile

Step 1.
For this, you have to wait for at least 12 months after your Verizon Phone in the Box device gets activated as these devices are locked automatically to the network of Verizon for 12 months after the activation.

Step 2.
You may contact Verizon Wireless customer support to receive the unlock code of your phone after 12 months of activation of your device. For this, you can dial either “*611” using your Verizon Prepaid phone, or you can also call the Verizon customer service on 1-xxx- xxx-6804 using any other phone and then, talk to a Verizon customer service representative

Step 3.
Now, you can use the provided unlock code and the instructions to unlock your prepaid Phone in the Box device. However, in most cases, you will need to access the programming menu of your phone and then, enter the unlock code, which is given by the customer representative. After your phone gets unlocked, you may use your device on any other wireless network which is compatible with it.

If you are still facing any trouble in unlocking your Verizon phone then you may contact experts for help to troubleshoot the problem. You may get in touch with Verizon customer service for instant assistance from experienced professionals. Get rid of all type of technical issues with your Verizon services with the help of their expert professionals, who are always available at your service.

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