Is your computer outdated and running slow? If you are looking to upgrade your PC there are several different things you need to consider before undergoing such a task. A first thing to be done is research, only you know specifically what you are looking for in your computer system. We at SPlus Technologies are willing to help you in understanding and completion in the upgrade of your PC.
First off, when considering upgrading your Gaming Laptop you need to decide which type of CPU you want to use, rather it be an Intel or AMD CPU that choice will affect the motherboard you can use with your system. Going with the new and greatest CPU isn’t always the best choice, since the average user will never use their CPU to the full processing capabilities. The main thing to look for in a CPU is the energy efficiency as that can and will affect the battery life of your system.
After choosing the CPU you want to use you will need to start looking into motherboards. Purchasing a new motherboard isn’t necessary but can in the end be worth it. When upgrading to a higher standard of CPU the motherboard has to have the ability to handle over clocking and the more powerful CPU than it’s used to. An indicator of a good motherboard would be the amount of heat sinks on the key chip of the motherboard. Also, when over clocking a CPU the heat caused can cause damage or reduce the life of your gaming system, to reduce this risk adding a CPU cooler is of utmost importance.
The last 2 components to take into consideration to complete this upgrade would be the graphics card and memory. When running a gaming laptop the higher the memory the better, most gaming laptops can run smoothly for a while using 4GB of memory, but increasing that amount is always the best choice. As for the graphics card, there are multiple models and brands to choose from, this is where more research comes in. Graphics cards can vary in price from $50 to hundreds of dollars, doing research and figuring out what you need and what you can budget is quite important.
I would like to suggest you that when you go the market for upgrading your gaming laptop or buying a new gaming laptop, I would highly recommend to get Alienware Laptops because the alienware brand is one of the most successful gaming laptops in the world and most important thing is that all parts of this manufacturer are producing by Dell.

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