If health and hygiene are important to you, there are some modifications that you can try making to your daily routine that may be beneficial for your wellbeing. There might even be hidden dangers in some of the hygiene products that you use, and making the right changes can help keep you out of harm’s way. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your hygiene routine for healthier results.

Avoid Parabens

The synthetic chemicals known as parabens are often used in many pharmaceuticals as well as some grooming and hygiene products. According to LiveScience.com, evidence suggests that parabens can increase the chances of developing cancer because of their endocrine-disrupting properties that build up in the bloodstream. A common belief is that parabens are similar to estrogen, which can lead to breast cancer when concentration levels are high. It’s always good to check if any of the moisturizers, anti-aging creams and cosmetics that you buy contain parabens. Doing so will allow you to improve your health and take a serious burden off of you lymphatic system, which works to flush toxins out of your body.

Use Aluminum-Free Products

Some types of deodorant and other antiperspirant products are known to contain aluminum, which might lead to cellular changes that allow cancerous tumors to grow. There is also debate among the scientific community as to whether high amounts of aluminum in the body increase the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Using an aluminum-free women’s unscented natural deodorant stick is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of aluminum in the body. Buying toothpastes and nasal sprays that don’t contain aluminum will also be beneficial for your health. Heavy metals have no place in or on your body, so it’s important to find natural alternatives to protect your wellbeing.

Say Goodbye to Sulfates

Even though sulfates in low concentration amounts are generally safe, having too many sulfates in the body can damage the cells. Sulfates are sometimes found in shampoos and conditioners to produce a foaming effect. These components can also irritate the skin and damage the organs when high amounts get into the body. Fortunately, there are sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that can still clean and nourish the hair adequately. Some products today are moving towards using soap-berries, a fruit that, when dried, creates a natural lather without the use of harsh chemicals. With a little research, anyone can find products that meet their needs without using damaging chemicals.

Try Gentler Products

There are hygiene products on the market that contain chemicals that can cause skin irritation for a large number of people. Soaps, shaving creams and other grooming products that are formulated for sensitive skin are good to use if you’re prone to outbreaks. Even if you don’t’ have sensitive skin, using harsh chemicals and medicated soaps is really only necessary when prescribed by a dermatologist. Otherwise, your body generates natural oils and healthy bacteria that care for your skin, and harsh chemicals can damage that balance. Using gentle, natural soaps not only is gentler on your skin, but it can also support the balance of your skin’s innate regulatory system.
Good health and hygiene can coincide with one another if you use the right types of products. By modifying your grooming habits in the safest way possible, you’ll stand a better chance of enjoying optimal health for life.

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