Dabbing has now become one of the most preferred methods to ingest cannabis. The process may seem slightly complicated for beginners who have never used one. However, the benefits are undeniable once you have it down.

Utilizing a dab rig or erig can be dangerous without fully comprehending and knowing how it works well. So here, we will take you on a tour of everything you need to know about dab rigs. Dabs are very strong and fast-acting since concentrates are manufactured by extracting terpenes and cannabinoids from plant material. To vaporize concentrates, often known as “dabbing,” you utilize dab rigs, which are effectively cute bongs or bubblers.


What are dab rigs?

Dab rigs are water pipes and filtering devices used for dabbing concentrates, shatter, oils, and rosins. Because you "dab" your concentrates onto the dab nail, we call it "dabbing". They are typically glass spoon pipes and are perfect for stronger hits, similar to bongs.

Dab Rigs have become more and more popular in recent times due to the rapid need for concentrates hitting the market. Technically, you can use any water pipe for dabbing; however, in order to get the most from concentrates, it's important to use the right dab rig for the job. Using the right dabbing setup will allow you to get the most from your concentrates.

Components of a Dab Rig

A dab rig includes some instruments and accessories. The following are basic components of a dab rig that every consumer should have on hand before they start.

  1. Rig

A glass water pipe is very important for each dab setup. Rigs include dab rigs and bongs. A rig must attach to a nail or bowl in addition to having a water chamber.

  1. Dabber

A dabber is used for picking up the concentrate and placing it on the nail. They can be made of glass, metal, or ceramic in a variety of forms, including ballpoint, scoop, needlepoint, spoon, and paddle. It is better for you to use a dabber that has a spoon at one end, as this model will make it easier for you to scoop up the dabs, as well as gently place them where they need to be.

  1. Banger/nail

A banger or a nail is needed to put your dabs on. Bangers come in quartz and resemble little buckets of different shapes, and nails are made from titanium glass or quartz and ceramic. Certain nails, sometimes called “bangers,” are included or affixed when you acquire a dab rig. Quartz nails, when used properly, give the best dab experience since they do not fracture under thermal pressure like glass and provide greater flavor for most concentrates.

  1. Torch

An efficient and excellent propane torch is needed to heat the banger or nail. Creme brulee mini-torches are often utilized, but you will need to stock up on butane for these. Any regular butane torch will also work.

  1. Carb cap

A cap with a tiny hole is used to cover the top of the nail, which is made of glass, quartz, titanium or ceramic. It helps reduce the pressure inside the nail or banger, functioning as an oven to trap heat and lower the vaporization temperature.


How To Use a Dab Rig

Now that you know what you need for an ideal dab rig setup, let's take a look at the simple steps of using your new dab rig.

1. Secure and heat up the nail

Securing the nail to your rig is crucial. Just like you’d do with a bong, it’s usually as easy as connecting it to the joint. However, once you start dabbing, you’ll need to be mindful of the extremely high temperatures you’re using when manipulating your banger.

You can apply the flame of the torch directly to the nail, and generally, you can heat the nail for about 20-30 seconds, depending on the power of your torch and the thickness of the nail. When it is fully heated, you may notice a reddish glow on the hot nail.

2. Wait till the nail cools down

Please kindly wait for a few seconds under a minute for a quartz nail or about 10 seconds with a titanium nail until it reaches your desired temperature. Allow the nail to cool, letting the heat disperse throughout the nail. The nail will retain much of the heat of the torch even minutes after heating, so keep the nail away from your bare skin to avoid burns. Low-temperature dabs are higher in flavor and less harsh on the lungs.

3. Take a dab

Since the nail has cooled slightly, you can use your dabber to grab a small fragment from your material and place it into the nail. You can vaporize your concentrate and control the airflow by covering your banger with a carb cap. And then, you can put your lips on the mouthpiece and start inhaling slowly. You should see the vapour fill your dab rig, from the nail to your mouth. Then, exhale without holding the vapour in your lungs.

4. Exhale and repeat

Lower the rig and exhale once the vapour is clear, continue to heat the dab nail and insert oil as many times as desired.

5. Clean your nail

Please remember always to keep your nail clean to prevent any residues from possibly changing the flavour of your weed. You can wait until the nail cools down, then swipe the inside of the warm nail with a cotton swab. For a deeper clean, dip a cotton swab in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and rub it along the interior of your warm nail. Moreover, after your water chamber is empty without water, you can fill it up with rubbing alcohol. Close the holes and shake vigorously for a few seconds, then leave it soaking for about an hour to clean. You can clean your dabber, nails, and everything else in your setup.



If you know how to do it, then dabbing is easy. Now that you know how to use a dab rig, we’re confident that you’ll love it. Need any dabbing tools or products? Please take a look at our dabbing gear at our store.

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