Before you even attempt on how to use male psychology to get your ex boyfriend back, it is important to first understand the male psychology itself. For it is true you cannot use what you don’t know. The male psychology involves a way of thinking, the feelings felt and the emotions expressed. The big question is “how to use a male psychology to get your ex boyfriend back.” To get your ex back you will have to fully understand and appreciate these elements and use them to your advantage. There are several methods that you can use to get your ex back, they include;

Men strive to have what they can’t have or don’t have. This is a fact from time immemorial; men want the adrenalin drive of getting what the whole world, themselves included thought was virtually impossible. Once you have broken up with your boyfriend, never act or show him you are needy. To get your ex back ignore him, don’t pester him with calls. Feign a new relationship or show signs of moving on. Ignore a few of his calls or just display some disinterest. He will come rushing back to you. A word of caution though, don’t overdo the acting or let it get overboard, he may go and never come back.

Your boyfriend just like most men in relationships think with their feelings and not brains. A big majority of them are not even aware about this. Men are very good at repressing feelings. To get your ex back you need to initiate those nice, pleasurable feelings that you shared before. Subtly remind him of a romantic dinner you once had, or some adventure you once shared. You can even replay some of these occasions by visiting the same areas briefly or sharing photos. This works best in instances where you have already broken the ice of a break up and are trying to mend ways.

The ego of a man is his weakest and strongest link all combined. Shatter a man’s ego and chances are he is gone for good. Massage his larger than life ego and he can forgive you for virtually anything. To get your ex back you need to take extra care not to hurt his ego; in fact what you need is an opportunity to make him feel superior, needed, and important. Call him up when you have a slight mechanical problem with your car; make him feel without him you were completely at a loss. Believe me, you will get your ex back.

Timing and patience are key qualities that you must utilize in this process. You need to time and approach your ex boyfriend at the opportune time. Doing some of the things mentioned when he is with friends or colleagues or watching a game he loves will backfire badly. To get your ex back you need to be patient; he will not be running back to you immediately.

It is important to realize that using male Psychology to get your boyfriend back is a process that takes time and effort and not an event on its own. Though one of the best ways to keep your boyfriend is not breaking up with him in the first place! It has been tried and tested over the years.

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