An archiver program allows you to build a large file into a compressed file that can be downloaded by your computer. It's a simple and effective way to share the files with people, without them having to download it from you.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to archiving programs. Some will allow you to choose which directories they should create a backup. This way, you can only decide to back up the files that you want to have archived, or all the files on the hard drive.

It also gives you a choice of compression methods, which is essential if you want to share the file with others—the most common compression method built into the most popular archiving programs.

Check the settings for each archiver program before running it to make sure it has the default settings for what you need. It is not a good idea to leave the compression option on automatic.

When you select the standard compression method, the archiver program will automatically compress your files as it backs them up. You may be able to change the level of compression in the program that you are using, but it's usually best to leave it on automatic if you are looking for a simple way to share a file.

If you would like to be able to compress your files by hand, you may want to look at the advanced options for the compression method. This way, you will be able to fine-tune files to increase the compression ratio that you choose to archive.

If you do not want your files compressed, you can opt to save them as data. The data option is available in many archiving programs, which means that you can change the choice that you have for the compression method that you use.

Choose the method that is most appropriate for the size of the files that you have and the types of data that you want to store. Many archiver programs come with the default settings for how they will work, but you can go ahead and change it to meet your needs.

You may also want to make sure that you can upload the files that you archive to a local disk or an FTP account. It is often essential if you want to share your archive with other people.

If you have any data that is important to you, such as bank accounts or private data, you may want to consider using encryption to protect it. Your archiver program will have the option of encrypting your data before it is archived.

If you are worried about being hacked, you can also download software to be run on your computer, which you can install and deleted once you have archived your files. If you prefer not to store data online, you can run this software and burn it onto a CD.

There are many things that you can choose to archive on your computer, but the options are many and varied. Archiving programs are a great way to store files so you can retrieve when you need them.

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