Skilled agents are the real success drivers in any call centers. Thus, it is very important for the call centers do whatever possible in the direction of the performance improvement of the agents. Agents not only convert goals such as, making a sale or delivering a satisfactory answer or resolution to the customer, but he / she also works as your brand ambassadors as they are the one who makes conversations with the real world as your representatives. The call center solution can help you in increasing performance of the agents. In this article, I will share the top tips which you can follow to improve performance of individual agents and overall campaign.

Get a feature rich call center solution

There are many types of call center solutions available in the market, but you have to choose the one which fits with your campaign needs. The agent must get a call center software, which can reduce tedious tasks with automization and provide the required support in delivering the best performance. Thus, the first step is to get a feature rich call center software. If you already have a call center solution which lacks certain features, then either replace it with the new one or get customization and / or custom development to increase the performance of the call center solution and agents.

Provide coaching in real time

The call center solution comes with features like barge-in, whisper and conference call. These features can be used to listen to the ongoing conversations between a customer and agent. The supervisors can also provide real time feedback to the agent to improve his / her communication and responses. These amazing features of the call center software provide an effective way of personalized training and coaching which further contributes in increased productivity of the agents.

Define effective and personalized training programs
The call center solution comes with various features. Those features can be used to identify the common weaknesses of the agents and then define personalized group or individual training programs for agents. For example, the call recording feature can be used to record ongoing calls of the agents and listen to random recorded clips or highlighted clips to identify concern areas of improvement in the agents. Also, barge-in is an effective feature to listen to the ongoing conversations to identify the behavior of the agents to gauge weaknesses and strengths. Based on the review, the call centers can define the expert training programs and execute the same instead of conducting generic training sessions.


The call center solution comes with a lot of amazing features which can be used to gauge the performance of the call center agents in real time as well as periodically. The well defined training programs and real time coaching will provide required skill enhancement to the agents. On the other hand, a feature rich call center solution comes with amazing features to provide the required tools which increase productivity, performance and morale of the agent.

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