It's a very difficult time now that we're witnessing. This is a time of social distancing and self-quarantine. All major places like schools, colleges, malls, cinema halls, pubs, diners are shut down. So you're at home, you’re bored, you need to spend your time. So let us help you stay safe in this difficult time.

Cartoon HD is one of the most up-to-date popular video streaming apps that deliver free content. This app lets you watch your favorite movies, TV shows, web series, and more every day. The app provides a variety of content you need from movies to series, as everything will be easier when you start using the app.

So the app experience was fantastic, as it has a large collection of all the movies and series you need to enjoy by just surfing the app, and the best part is that it's readily accessible to you.


Less storage — this app doesn't take all of your phones away from storage like other apps. To download this app, you only need to have less than or equal to 3 MB of space, and if you have it, it will be a cakewalk because this is the most essential consideration of this app.

Pleasant movie experience – if you're looking to watch any movie that may be old or new, you can just check the movie's name and stream it on the app itself as this app has a huge collection of movies that you can watch anywhere, anytime, in the app itself.

Anime and series available – most streaming services have only movies to watch, which is a little dull and frustrating for anime and series lovers. However, this app offers a lot of anime and series that you can enjoy with just one click away.

High quality – most consumers subscribe to OTT platforms because they offer high-definition viewing content. But mind, they’re just paid subscriptions. But with Cartoon HD APK, it's not the same as you don't have to pay anything because it's free of charge, just download the app and watch your favorite shows instantly.

No registration required – this is an app that doesn't require your payment, you won't be asked to pay or register in this app, if you want to watch something, download the app, and start watching your favorite shows.

Free to download – this app lets you stream your favorite movies and shows that won't be the same on any other platform, as the stream option allows you to download them and view them at a later time when you're free due to your hectic schedule. The best part of the app is that it gives you access to a lot of movies and shows that you can download and stream offline at your chosen time.

This app is an APK file and is not available in the Google Play Store or Apple Store, but can be downloaded for both Android and Apple devices via the Internet.

How to download videos offline:

● If you want to watch videos or show offline, just follow the following steps:
● Download the app to your device first.
● Go to the movies or anime section after installing the app.
● Now pick the video that you want to download
● If you press it, a pop-up opens with two pages, one of which is info and the other is content.
● You can read the synopsis of the movie in the info section. You can download the needed video files in the content section.
● When you click on the file you want to download, there will be a choice that shows the quality of the selected video.
● Choose the best video quality you need to watch.
● So once it's completed, click on the download button and wait a few seconds to complete the process.

By following the above steps, you will be able to download videos free of charge for your devices.

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