Coupons on Aliexpress is a great opportunity to make your purchases in this store much more profitable. They give you the right to receive a discount, but you need to comply with certain conditions, make an order for the amount specified in the coupon. Many are always more interested in how to get them, while being completely unfamiliar with how to use Aliexpress coupon. Since coupons are divided into two types, it is also possible to divide the instructions that are used in their application into two types.

How to use coupons from the seller on Aliexpress?

Coupons from the seller produces, as it is easy to guess the store itself. They are mainly used to increase buying activity and sales. It is very easy to find such a coupon. Information about them is in the description of each product of the seller, in the basket, as well as in the "store Promotions".
Using these coupons is also quite simple. First you need to collect the order for the specified amount. Just look at the coupon description. The size of the discount will be shown in large numbers,and the next number is just the amount of the order.
Please note that your order for the minimum amount must be formed from the products of this store only. As soon as you meet this condition, you can immediately open the shopping cart.

Using seller coupons

Here, all products are divided into groups depending on which seller they belong to. At the bottom of this group is information about available coupons.
If you have already formed an order for the required amount, the discount will be applied automatically. It turns out, you do not need not to take the coupon or how to apply it separately. The price of your order will be reduced automatically.

How to use special coupons on Aliexpress?

Special coupons - this is a more interesting offer site. Produces them Aliexpress, and that he gives you this discount. So these coupons are accepted by many stores, because they will in any case receive from the site the full cost of your order.
Usually, special coupons are issued during sales or other global events. They are sometimes used as bonuses or rewards. Get these coupons, especially if they have a large denomination is not so easy. You can exchange them for coins or win. Still, sometimes these coupons are distributed and just like that.

Special coupons Aliexpress

Before you use coupons on Aliexpress you must collect the order. As we already know, many sellers give discounts on coupons, and our order can be combined. So you can choose exactly what you need from a large range of store. However, first make sure that the seller accepts special coupons. This can be understood by such an icon, which will be in the menu with coupons of the seller.
Then you need to go to the shopping cart. First, check your order, whether you have chosen the right size and other characteristics. Then look at the bottom of the page, where the information about the total amount of the order.
Here you can find the menu where you choose the coupon. Once you stop your selection and click on it, the page will refresh. After that, the amount of your order will be reduced by the indicated discount in the coupon.

The use of a special coupon

Due to the fact that the special and coupons from the seller act a little differently, you can combine them. To do this, collect the order from the seller in the amount of the coupon, and it will apply automatically. Then, for the same order, use a special coupon.
Moreover, in one General order, you can combine purchases from different stores, apply your own coupon to each of them, and then reduce the total amount with the help of a coupon.
In General, if you know how to use on Aliexpress coupon correctly, you can make any of your order even more profitable.

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