Let's face it - at some point, we all wish we had the beautiful, fresh, timeless skin of our favorite movie stars. They appear to have skin glowing with health and youth.

The problem is that most of us do not have the same amount of resources, surgeons, and dermatological help that celebrities do, so we have to be content with other, less expensive alternatives to keep our skin looking just as good.

Fortunately, dermatological technology has kept pace with the demands of the millions of people who want to fight their skin condition with affordable yet effective products and treatments. One of the more popular and inexpensive choices that you could try today is derma scrolling.

It's fast, cost-effective, easy to understand and perform by yourself, and best of all, it delivers results as promised.

If you have already purchased your very own Derma Roller, you may be wondering how such a simple tool can do miracles for your face and body. Out of the box, the Derma Roller looks like something you can use in the kitchen.

But don't be fooled by the look - the needles on the Derma Roller head are medical and are specially sterilized to make sure it glides securely over the top surface of your skin while creating mini-pin pricks that open your pores.

For a more comprehensive beauty treatment, pair the Derma Roller with your favorite skin renewal cream or moisturizer, and watch as your skin completely immerses these topical solutions. Microneedles open small channels on your skin surface to give current products easy access to the skin's inner layers.

Using the Derma Roller is easy and requires no special products or preparations. Here's how you do it:

Before start please read this Dermaroller cleaning guide & will show you how to clean your derma roller easily and effectively. Keep in mind before using a derma roller, you must have to clean the derma roller. Check this guide https://dermarollerbest.com/dermaroller-cleaning-dermaclean/

1. Before using your Derma roller for the first time, make sure you first cleanse your face thoroughly with your favorite face wash. You can leave toning and moisturizing later when you finish the microneedle treatment.

2. Rinse the Derma Roller head under warm running water before applying it to your skin. This ensures that needles are disinfected again just before use.

3. Your Derma Roller pack may come with an anesthetic that will help you deal with the feeling of getting your skin pricked over and over by the little needles. While this is not a painful process, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of ​​piercing their skin voluntarily. However, you need to pinch the skin 1-2 times before applying the anesthetic to speed up the absorption process. The anesthetic works better on broken skin. You can use your fingers or a swab to apply the solution. Just wipe off any excess as soon as the numbing starts, which should take no more than a few seconds.

4. Once your face is stunned, you can now use the Derma roller on the skin, going in a direction from left to right, top to bottom, and diagonally across. Be sure to apply even pressure when rolling the needle head over the treated area. When treating the face, avoid too much pressure around
the eye area and cheekbones.

5. Apply a good skin rejuvenating serum and leave it on your skin for 20-30 minutes. Afterward, you can apply any moisturizer or even a face mask. Just make sure your face no longer dots or too reddish from the small trauma caused by microneedles before using any other facial product.

6. Remember to wash your Derma Roller under warm running water after each treatment session. You can also soak it in an alcohol bath for a few minutes or any other disinfectant solution of your choice.

It's as easy as ABC and you didn't have to exchange money for professional services in the process. As a final tip, stay out of the sun for at least a week after treatment and remember to cut on sunscreen with at least SPF3, combined with a collagen-enriching cream that is rich in vitamins A, C and E. Your skin needs everything the help it can get during the natural regeneration process.

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How to use a derma roller. Follow these steps precisely to avoid any hazards and unwanted infections.