Some people have a vital connection with the plants of their garden and they put every effort to look them perfect. But for that purpose there is a need of best quality gardening tools and equipments to trim the shrubs and grass on regular intervals. Most of the time electric hedge trimmers are considered more effective in fine cutting and trimming of the grass and hedge plants over non electric one. This is because electric hedge trimmers can give best shape to the garden hedge when compared to non electric hedge trimmers due to the sharp blades which can be operated without much strength.

Basic Of Using Electric Hedge Trimmers For Personal And Professional Purpose

No matter whether you are using an electric hedge trimmer for your personal needs or for that matter professional reason you always should have a fair idea about basics of using it. In order to make your lawn and garden refreshing you can follow the given steps here.

1. Always try to protect your body, eyes and hands by wearing protective things like gloves and glasses.
2. Always try to hold an electric hedge trimmer in right way so that the chances of getting injured can be minimized.
3. Place the cord of the trimmer away from your way so that you do not get prone to any unwanted accident.
4. Always check the shape of blade and their condition, they should not be broken from any side and twisted as well.
5. The blades must be greased properly to prevent them from rust as rust can destroy it effective working of the trimmer.
6. Do not try to cut those branches which are not suitable for the type of electric hedge trimmer range you are using.
7. Make sure that you are cutting the hedge in a right direction which is from lower side to upper side of the plant.

How To Handle Different Types Of Electric Hedge Trimmers In Garden?

There are so many types of electric hedge trimmers some of them cordless while others vary in their voltages. For instance black and Decker 20 volt hedge trimmer is quite easy to handle when it is compared to 40 volt hedge trimmer. These sorts of trimmers are mostly used in personal needs by the people for their own garden.
When it comes to operate the Black and Decker 40v hedge trimmer then difficulties rise to a great extent as such trimmers are comparatively hard to handle and need much precautions to be taken. Although the high voltage and large size electric trimmers becomes challenging to handle but still they can be managed with experience. You can use Black and Decker 20 volt hedge trimmer to black and Decker lst 136 as per your gardening skills and efficiencies.

Types Of Precautions Needs To Be Taken While Using Electric Hedge Trimmers

If you are using high voltage electric hedge trimmers like black Decker Iht2436 24 inch 40 volt cordless hedge trimmer then make sure about avoiding the accidents. These types of trimmers are very sharp and can cause major injury to your hand or body. Here are few precautions that can be used for this sort of trimmers.

1. Don’t try to keep the trimmer on floor without putting it on stop mode, when you are taking a rest in between the trimming of hedge.
2. Make sure to keep a balance and level between your arms and electric hedge trimmer and do not rotate it freely in any direction if you are not comfortable like raising its level above your chest up to your head etc.
3. If you want to cut the branches of hedge in other corner of your lawn then first stop the trimmer and then shift to the new area.

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