The desire to have a delicious cup of coffee is one of the common feelings for a coffee lover. You can make a coffee using different espresso machines available in market. Most of the coffee makers are user friendly and can give a lot of varieties of coffee. It can be a cool experience to make a coffee if you can learn how to use your coffee maker and a simple 5-10 minutes of reading can give you a delightful experience of your drink.
How to use an Espresso Machine?
Coffee has become an important drink in our life. Some easy steps to make a good coffee can be:

You can start by putting some clean water in the reservoir part of your coffee maker. You may not be required to use filtered water as most coffee makers have built-in filters.
You can now turn your machine on and wait for it to be ready to use. You can look into user manual if you have any confusion.

Now you need to look for portable filter in the coffee maker which is needed to be filled with shot basket and you need to know the amount of coffee you are going to need to fill it accordingly.

You can use beans in a coffee maker if your coffee maker has a built-in grinder.
You need to be aware of type of coffee you need and amount of fine-ground coffee you are going to use as it can vary from different types of coffee.

Once you put some ground coffee in shot basket you should push down the coffee grounds to make sure to get a good taste of coffee. You can push your coffee grounds by using a simple spoon or a tamper.

Once the portable filter with shot basket is filled with finely grounded coffee. You can lock the filter onto the head by simply twisting it under machine’s spout until you hear a clicking sound.

After that you should put your coffee cup under the spout depending on the amount of coffee you are making.

Now you need to press shot button and after a few seconds coffee will pour into your cup.

Aicok Espresso Machine:
Aicok expresso can be a dream coffee maker machine for a coffee lover due to its compact side, affordable price and it allows you to prepare multiple types and quality of expresso. It can be perfect for experimentation of those coffee lovers who want to try different espresso at home. It is a full stainless steel body which makes it durable. It gives an attractive look in terms of design. Aicok Espresso Machine comes with the features of automatic temperature control and indicator lights.

How to use an Aicok Espresso machine?
Aicok Espresso machine is known for its Semi-automatic controls and easy use.
It comes with ‘espresso’ and ‘steam function’ and there are two buttons to choose amongst them.

There is another button for ‘power’.
It comes with two lights red and green. When you turn power on red light will glow on which indicates that water will start heating
And when green light also turns on along with red light it shows water is ready to make coffee.

Other button on aicok espresso is for steam function. When steam function is on glow of both lights will indicate that steam is ready to use with milk.

To prepare coffee, you just need to follow instructions for an espresso explained above. But be careful to set the dial to espresso and not steam while making an espresso. Steam dial can be used if you want to steam milk.

Final Thought:
Using espresso machine to make a coffee is simple, time saving and cost effective. With many coffee makers available in market Aicok espresso machine can be regarded as one of the best due its semi-automatic controls, variety it provides in making drinks and easy usage.

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