Do you ever wonder, how do I know what my purpose in life is? If so? Good job! Because you’re being your own friend! Friendship begins with yourself. Because loneliness slips away when you ask these kinds of questions.

Self-awareness allows me to shift my focus when I need to. For example, when I need to shift from worry to living! Asking questions leads to recognizing my needs, desires, failings, and feelings.

Because my needs change based on the phase of my life. Because my desires shift based on the challenges I’m facing in any given moment. Because my failings in one aspect of life may be necessary to allow myself to grow in another area that’s more important to me. Because my feelings differ based on my perspective.

How to know my purpose right now pops up as a question when I’m ready to grow and explore. How to find purpose in life again rears up as a query when I’ve finished with something.

Finished might be success one day. Finished might be failure today. Or finished might simply mean new challenges that gently push one’s purpose aside in favor of a new one that’s been brewing within for a while.

So, when you wonder about purpose, recognize that it’s coming up from some form of your own growth. Maybe one you’re choosing. Or one that’s simply happening due to circumstances in your life. Yet it probably means you’re ready to adjust and grow based on something different from life!

It’s useful to ponder about what matters to you. Helpful to re-evaluate direction and how to figure out new directions. Yes, it’s good to wonder about your purpose in life.

Because wondering is a preliminary step to self-growth. Because wondering gets you ready to act! Because acting reels in new purpose that enlivens your life. When you wonder enough, you become eager to act. You become a friend to yourself! You open yourself to a whole different group of friends! Wondering gets you past wallowing into an active mode of examining the role of any loneliness you may feel. Because wondering helps you find meaning.

Meaning is powerful.

Meaning leads to enthusiasm. Enthusiasm sets you on fire, ready to act.

When you wonder about your purpose, I encourage you to make a moment to be grateful that you’ve grown enough to be seeking more for yourself.

I urge you to move from gratitude to a bit of evaluation with that wondering.

Then? Simply peek at what small actions you might be able to try out as your response to your wondering attitude. Yes, you’ll need to pick one. Yes, you’ll need to begin to act.

I’ve found that success in friendship and in handling feelings of loneliness is at least partly about noticing your life purpose. Simply noticing!

In fact, as you pay attention and notice, you’ll see what already matters to you now, as well as new possibilities that surround you. Things that have begun to matter to you! Such as friendship.

Personal growth leads to finding new purposes. Because you can hold many different purposes in life at the same time. Because as you become more, opportunities for meaning open all around you.

I’ve discovered there are times to add — and times to subtract! — activities from my life. I’ve found that I must continually adjust so that my days revolve more closely around what matters to me in the present moment. Because I change! Because my world changes based on the challenges I face.

When you’re happy, passionate and absorbed in what you’re doing, you feel fulfilled, right? That comes from knowing what you care about. From being your own friend. From acting on these, life seems to flow, as you live joyfully in the moment.

When an activity that fits you so well ends, you may experience loss, sadness or a feeling of loneliness. I’ve learned to use that simple stress of missing what’s just been experienced and enjoyed – learned to use it to grow!

How do you find meaning and purpose in life?

Notice your response to life today. Notice when life seems to flow. Quietly observe when it does not. Allow gentle awareness to well up on what you care about. And what no longer seems to matter quite so much to you…

Notice ways you’re growing into a new area of purpose.

Then what? What’s next? Prepare. Prepare to act! Begin. Start in some small silly way to match what you’re doing with who you want to become.

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Ann Leighton provides valuable experience, insight, and inspiration as well as practical nuts and bolts strategy for moving forward.

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