Nature-bestowed gems are filled with amazing divine and supernatural powers. When wearing these gems, they enter the rays of the respective planet into the human body and give them healing. This increases the flow of positive energy in humans and they succeed in tasks.

If a couple is childless, the husband should wear a yellow topaz weighing 5 rattis in the right forefinger finger in a gold ring and wife in the index finger of the left hand, put 8 golden hemp gemstones in a silver ring. This fulfills the desire to have children.
Wear a pearl and coral in a locket made of silver with a Bisa Yantra and wear it in the neck. There will be amazing wealth in life.
If your social field is not progressing, wear a 4 carat hexagonal emerald in the little finger of the right hand. You will get desired success.
If you wear a transparent diamond of 10-15 cents in a gold or silver ring and wear it methodically in the ring finger of the right hand, you will definitely get success in the field of art, acting and modeling.
Wearing onyx of three and a half carat weight in the middle finger of right hand and onyx of five and a half carat weight in the ring finger of left hand gives success in political field. Success can also be found in politics by wearing a 6-carat yellow topaz in a gold ring and holding it in the right finger index finger.
To get victory in lawsuits and debates etc., wear 8 carat red coral triangle size in gold and copper mixed ring and wear it in the ring finger of right hand.
To get promotion in government or non-government job or job, wear a 4 carat weight ruby ​​in a ring of gold in the right hand ring finger. This keeps the behavior of high officials favorable.
If your family life is not happy, then the husband should wear a diamond weighing 10 cents in the ring finger of the right hand and a 5-carat pearl in silver ring in the ring finger of the wife's left hand. If they are unable, both the husband and wife should wear an opal silver ring weighing 7-8 carat in the index finger of their right hand and wear it in the evening on Friday.
If you have been unwell and sick for a long time, wear a 5 carat pearl in the ring finger of the right hand and a 7 carat moon stone in the ring finger of the left hand. If you want, wear a garland of Rudraksha mixed with life-reputed rhinestone and coral in your neck. Health benefits will be received.
To get advancement in every sphere of life, wear a garland of genuine Navratna, made of silver or gold and consecrated. With this, all the sufferings get relief and prosperity.
If you are facing failures and defeats in life, then you should wear a Triratna studded locket according to your birth lag. Representative gems of Lagnesh, Panchamesh and Bhagyesh of the horoscope, combined with gold and silver in auspicious time to make a living.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council.