What You Should Know About GoDaddy

Prior to finding out how to use GoDaddy Auctions, we will tell some words about GoDaddy. It is the largest American domain name registrar and web hosting company founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Bob Parsons and initially called Jomax Technologies. Today the company has about 17 million clients, more than 6 million employees around the world, and 14 facilities in the US, Asia, Europe, India and more. GoDaddy has sold more than 70 million domains which are now under management. Another word, this is a cloud platform devoted to small and independent enterprises.

Guide To GoDaddy Auctions Use

GoDaddy Auctions is a trading platform gathering domain name sellers and buyers in one place. It allows users to pick up featured or active domains among available for a low price through public bidding. Once domain expires, it usually goes back to the registry. If this domain is valuable, GoDaddy tries to sell it through an auction. The seeking buyers can bid for domain name prior its returning to registry. If you want to find an auction with the help of GoDaddy platform, you will need:

  1. Log in in your existing GoDaddy account or register if you have not one yet.

  2. Go to Auction page and push on ‘Domains’ button. Choose ‘Browse Auctions’ from drop-down menu, so you will be redirected to the Auction page. Search for particular items you are looking for by entering them into upper search field. To browse auction entries, go to ‘Popular Searches’ drop-down and select one of the options. To experience quick search, you may apply filters to all search options.  

  3. Continue with bidding. Or purchase domain entry right away if you do not prefer bidding. For more detailed auction browsing steps, see ‘How to do’ guide.

Tips to remember:

  • your account along with payment method should be previously verified, so you will be able to start bidding;

  • do not bid too early, because this may take unwanted attention. Start bidding closer to the auction end.

When you get your new GoDaddy website, think about social media sharing as this is an efficient and fast way to receive more subscribers. We encourage you to add social media icons to your website. They will link your first users to your social networks and will help to bring new potential clients. To proceed with social media icons adding, you can unite any of your network to GoDaddy Email Marketing account, and they appear as icons at the bottom of your account emails. All you have to do is to choose ‘Addons’ at any GoDaddy Email Marketing window, and then on the Social parameter. You are able to apply settings directly from this page. Yet the icons do not allow social media sharing, but do not worry and read on further to find out how to activate link sharing. When you hit Send on any GoDaddy Email Marketing campaign, you will notice checkboxes. To activate sharing buttons, you need to mark these checkboxes or choose ones you require. If you have any issues, feel free to find the answers at team.

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