Online learning has come a really long way in the world. Most people have access to the internet for their online learning endeavours. With the pandemic taking over the world, it is essential for teachers and students to turn to online resources for their schoolwork and Google classrooms is one such resource where the teacher can share worksheets, conduct assessments and interact with the students. Earlier, teachers would have to wait and give a notice prior to assemble the class together to share a notice or conduct a discussion but now with google classroom, teachers can also conduct class discussions over google classroom.

Google Classroom is a Learning management system that integrates docs, sheets, slides, Gmail, and calendar into a cohesive platform to manage student and teacher communication. It drastically reduces the amount of time and paper used and enables access virtually from anywhere. It allows you to create a unique class for
every class that occurs. In just three mouse clicks and a few keystrokes you can create a class. Online learning has never been this easy. All thanks to effective learning management systems and the internet. It is imperative that we look at online learning management systems in order to help students study and teachers to track and monitor the students during these COVID times.

Here is a list of videos that you need to watch to get the complete idea of google classrooms

Video on google classrooms by Teacher’s Tech

Video on google classrooms by Pocketful of Primary

Video on google classrooms by Technology for Teachers and Students

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