Professionals from all over the world connect via LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become the top professional networking site globally. On this social network, you can connect with professionals from almost every industry you can imagine. That’s why LinkedIn happens to be most preferred tool for searching jobs online. However, there are some essential tips that you need to follow to make the most of your time spent on this social network.

Here are the steps that you need to follow –

Let Your LinkedIn Profile Shine Like Your Resume
Are you getting the point? Your profile on LinkedIn should not be any less attractive than your resume. The social network offers a variety of features and tools that you can use to build an attractive professional profile. As you fill out the profile section, LinkedIn will inform you about the completeness in percent. If you want your profile to be highly visible to employers during searches, you need to make it 100% complete.

Make the Right Connections
Now that you have completed your profile, it’s time to start connecting with the right people. If you have prepared a list of targeted employers, you can search them on LinkedIn. Most likely, you’ll find them on this social network. You can use the advance search functionality to find employers or companies of your interest and connect with them.

Accompany your connection request (or invite) with a short compelling message. In the same way, you can get in touch with recruiting agencies, recruiters and placement consultancies. At the same time, get ready to make the most of your opportunity when they call you or email you back.

Use LinkedIn for Company Research
LinkedIn also proves to be useful in terms of company research. Whether you want to know the background of an employer, their history, employment opportunities or the top management that runs the company, you can dig out all the information by locating the respective company or business pages. This research will be helpful when you attend an interview with one of those employers. You will feel comfortable as well as be ready to ask some intelligent questions when the interviewer gives you an opportunity for the same.

Join Appropriate Groups
Joining groups on LinkedIn can also boost your job search. However, don’t get too desperate with this. You need to join only those groups that relate to your purpose. Groups that contain your targeted employers, hiring managers or recruiters are the best to join. Once you have joined groups, you need to participate at the discussion or start it yourself. You must pay attention to each valuable LinkedIn group that you join.

If you are not on LinkedIn yet, you need to go and join the network right away. However, always abide by the terms and policies of the social network. And don’t spam!

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If you want to enhance your job search, you should know how to use LinkedIn for job search. There's no doubt that this social network has the largest collection of professionals in one place. If you have a LinkedIn profile already, you need to take a strategic approach to make the most of it. If you are not there yet, go and create your profile right away! Check out more tips on digital job search.