We show you the easiest way to generate energy based on magnets.

Infinite energy with magnets is relatively easy to achieve, for this we only need to use the electric current created by the interaction of magnets and copper. In this way we can light lamps, LEDs and other low power instruments. If you want to know how to light a led with magnets, this is the right place.

With custom magnets bulk and some copper wire we can achieve clean energy for free. Because to the magnetic properties of copper when in contact with a magnetic radius, that is a magnet, small of currents are generated.

Why are some metals attracted to magnets and others are not?

If you want to know how to generate light with magnets, first of all, you must know the types of metals that are attracted to magnets. Different metals have different magnetic properties, and some can be affected by magnets and others cannot. Those properties are classified into five groups:

We teach you how to produce electricity with custom magnets bulk.


It happens when two magnetic moments go in the same direction and direction resulting in a zero net moment.


This property magnetizes the material weakly by the magnets since the orbiting electrons do not cooperate with each other when exposed to the magnetic field.


As for the atoms of the materials, these favor the interaction between them. In general, a strong attraction is generated between magnets and materials such as magnetics, among others.


Some materials that have this property can be magnetized but less strongly than in ferromagnetism. Ferrites are generally the materials that can be magnetized. It is possible to find some types of ceramics that contain this property.


It is when the materials have a permanent magnetic moment only in the presence of the magnetic field. Once this is removed, the material is no longer able to remain magnetized.

What is the magnetic property of copper?

Copper has diamagnetic elements, in addition its atoms have electrons that in turn create individual electrons that cancel the magnetic field. Copper is the most chosen to generate energy with magnets.

Copper is the most chosen for the magnet energy method.

When we approach a material with these characteristics to a magnet we create current loops in the immersed atoms. According to Lenz's physical law, these created currents go in one direction and produce a magnetic field opposite to the one applied (that is, that of the magnet).

Therefore, copper is not only attracted to magnets, but also can be repelled. It is weak and only if the magnetic field is strong can we see this repulsion. However, this effect arises from the atomic structure of the metal.

How can I identify copper?

Copper is one of the most widely used non-iron composite materials today. This is used in countless objects, including wiring, computers, motors, and appliances. Its reusability makes it the king of scrap metal recycling.

Among its most notable properties we find that it can conduct electricity and heat, is very malleable and has very good resistance. Its color is usually between reddish and brown and reaches quite opaque tones.

To identify copper from other materials such as brass or bronze, we must pay attention to the following properties:

  • Use is one of the most common criteria to identify it. While brass is used for kitchen materials, copper is generally found in cables or electrical devices.
  • Color is also another indicator. Copper is reddish and can turn red. Bronze is much darker and more similar to brown, as for brass it can be yellow or greenish.
  • We can also identify the material by its weight. Compared to brass, copper is much heavier, its weight being similar to that of steel.
  • Some metals have "patterns" that indicate their composition as "made of stainless steel" or "bronze alloy". Pure copper does not have this type of label.

What kind of energy do magnets generate?

Magnetic energy is capable of generating attraction or repulsion from different materials. These are affected by the magnetic field created by the magnets, producing various types of responses such as moving objects.

Which magnets can generate magnetic energy?

The magnetic energy that a magnet can generate largely depends on its type of material. For example, neodymium magnets are among the strongest today, as they can hold the magnetic field for a long period of time.

How to generate electricity with magnets and copper?

Thanks to the magnetic electricity produced by the permanent magnetic fields of the magnets we are able to obtain energy when they come into contact with metallic materials such as bronze.

This can be an energy advance, since we would obtain clean energy, since one of its possible uses may be to implement it in car engines that operate today thanks to oil, a type of non-renewable energy.

Its most notable advantage is that free energy with magnets does not expel gas emotions so it does not pollute the environment. And while there is still a lot to research when it comes to magnet electricity, this discovery can certainly lead us to a more eco-friendly future.

Below we will show you the easiest and simplest way to make infinite energy with magnets and copper. We will detail the elements to use for said process. Remember that any magnet you need you can buy in our online store imanes.cloud.

Materials to generate infinite energy with magnets:

To make your own power source with magnets you will need the following tools:

  • Two different color copper wire
  • Round magnet, preferably large
  • Lamp or led light
  • Welding machine
  • Small alligator clips
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