Taking medical marijuana is different from taking your usual pain reliever tablets because this plant has a complex chemical composition. And if consumed incorrectly, it can result in overdose and other complications.

So if you’re taking medical marijuana for the first time, we suggest you continue reading this article as we’re going to share the details on how to use medical marijuana properly and other related information to help maximize the medicinal value of this plant.

Ways To Take MarijuanaFor Medicinal Purposes

There are actually many ways to take marijuana. And each method has its set of benefits and detractions. Likewise, no two methods are the same in terms of delivery based on dosage.

With patience and a little bit of experimentation, you’ll be able to find the kind of marijuana consumption that is suitable for you provided that you read the medical marijuana labels first. And such a method will provide the biggest benefit based on your health condition.

Here are the main methods of consuming marijuana, and we’ll discuss every method in detail below:

- Smoking
- Topicals
- Edibles
- Tinctures
- Vaporizing
- Dabbing
- Transdermal patches
- Consuming Fresh Marijuana

1. Smoking – This is the most popular method of delivery. The dried cannabis is rolled into a joint and then lighted to be consumed as a usual cigarette. The smoke from the burned marijuana is inhaled as it contains medicinal properties. A bong or pipe can also be used to re-capture the second-hand smoke and deliver it back to you.

Advantages: low cost, quick pain relief, easy dosage regulation, treatment from nausea and other symptoms.

Disadvantage: not recommended for those people with asthma or lung and respiratory problems.

2. Topicals – The active ingredients of the marijuana plantare made into ointments, lotions, salves, and sprays to be applied to a certain area of the body.

Advantages: localized pain relief, treatment for joint pains, inflammation, muscle soreness, and tendinitis.

Disadvantages: not recommended for individuals with glaucoma, epilepsy, and skin irritations.

3. Edibles – Dried cannabis is mixed with other edible ingredients to make cookies, brownies, crackers, chews, ice cream, chocolate bars, and lollipops.

Advantages: long-lasting relief, delicious, and precise dosage management.

Disadvantages: effects can take a long time to kick in, and should be kept out of children’s reach (and even pets) at all times.

4. Tinctures – The marijuana plant is soaked in a water and alcohol mixture for at least 6 weeks to transfer soluble compounds. The resulting liquid is then tested for dosing.

Marijuana tinctures are consumed in small doses, about 1-2 milliliters, using an eye-dropper to be placed under your tongue. It can also be added to food.

Advantages: fast-acting, accurate dosage, and maintains potency for long periods if properly stored.

Disadvantages: takes time to determine the right dosage and can be expensive when taken in high doses.

5. Vaporizing – Marijuana “juice” is added to a vape mod for vaping. It works quite similar to smoking, but the chemical compounds are released at a lesser temperature compared to smoking.

Advantages: protects lungs from high temperatures from smoking, portable, and you don’t smell like smoke.

Disadvantages: requires charging and vaporizer takes time to warm up.

6. Dabbing – This method is only recommended for experienced users. A dab of concentrated THC is placed onto a glass or small metal surface then heated by a lighter. The vapor is then inhaled to experience its strong effect.

Advantages: immediate pain relief and a concentrated dose will be delivered instantly to your brain.

Disadvantage: prone to burn injuries.

7. Transdermal Patches – A medical marijuana patch with an adhesive material is placed on a hairless surface of your skin to deliver time-release dosage.

Advantages: localized pain relief and active ingredients in the marijuana are delivered directly to your bloodstream.

Disadvantages: not recommended for individuals with skin irritations.

8. Consuming Fresh Marijuana–Basically, it’s eating the marijuana plant in its raw form by adding it to smoothies and juices.

Advantage: preserves active ingredients that might be removed during the heating or drying process.

Disadvantage: the flavor of fresh marijuana is not very inviting.

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