One of the best precaution that a human body can have is a mask. There are several type of masks, but if we take a look, the most common and easiest to find a mask is the medical mask. Medical mask is also known as a surgical masks. These mask are made to be worn by the heath care department like doctor or nurses while they are having a surgery or nursing.Thesedisposable face mask are designed prevents infection in patients and reduce bacteria to get inside our body. However, not all the time these masks are for the doctors or for the health department, for safety common people also use this thing.
Situation like Covid-19, which we are facing now these masks are used by several kind of peoples. Hence, not everyone knows the proper use of a medical mask. These mask always sticks with our one of most important organ, so it can be harmful instead of protecting ourselves, which is why we must know the proper way to use these masks.

People should put on a medical face mask when they have respirational infection or that type issue; while taking care of patient with breathing infection; or while visiting hospitals, or any other places during pandemic or peak season for infection or to reduce the spread of infection. As the medical mask is the most common, so we prepared this article based on how to use medical mask properly. Bellow the lines we will show you the proper way that you can use.

Step one: choosing the size
Before wearing the disposable face mask it is important to choose the perfect size, without that it will not offer proper protection. So, first, chose the appropriate mask size, children should choose the child size.
Step two: Wash your hands
Before wearing the mask, wash your hand perfectly with any kind of sanitizer or soap or hand wash. It is very important for your safety, because if you hold the mask with dirty hands then bacteria’s will be on the mask and you will be wearing a mask full of bacteria all the time.

Step three: The metallic strip uppermost
When you put on a mask, you will see there is a metallic strip at one side of the mask and that metallic strip should be uppermost. Press it simply over your nose and make sure that is placed closely to your nose.
Step four: Colored side is the outer side
Every medical mask is colored with two colors, white in common and the outer side can be colored with blue, green, yellow or any other light colors. While you are putting on a mask remember, the colored side of the mask faces outwards. Make sure the colored side is outwards, press the metallic strips over your nose and position the elastic bands around both ears.

Step five: Fit snugly over the face
Mask should fit snugly over the face. Extend it to cover fully the mouth, nose and chin. After you are done Mould the metallic strip again and it is ready for protecting you from different infections and bacteria’s.

Safety tips:
Never touch the mask after wearing
After use, trash it to a closed bin
These mask cannot be reused, they are for one time.

While opening the mask, take it of holding the elastic bands not the front side of the mask.

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