Natural stone is one of the most beautiful features you can integrate into your home design to make it stand out. Suitable for all styles and budgets, natural stone won't pass unnoticed, whether you install it in large slabs or you use it only as attention-grabbing details.

Natural Stone Is the Perfect Luxury Material for Outside Spaces

Those of you who want to improve the look of their homes by using natural stone may want to consider thinking out of the box and integrating this luxury material in other features and elements than bathroom and kitchen applications. Some specialists, for instance, find slate roofs very interesting.

Headers and sills can also be made from limestone, as it can give them a very exquisite and polished look. By using granite for exterior door sills, you can combine beauty with durability.

How to Elevate Natural Stone Through Choosing Smart Applications: Details Are Everything

Since very few of us may be considering to change the exterior of our homes as often as we change home interior features and style, it makes sense that there are countless more opportunities to use natural stone indoors.

Specialists consider that we should think beyond the traditional uses of natural stone as countertops. For instance, marble tile walls can make washrooms stunningly beautiful.

Susan Kathryn Toth, an interior design specialist from Toronto, Ontario, decorated a bathroom with Blue Azul marble for the baseboards and floors and a Carrara marble vanity top. The effect she was able to create was truly exquisite.

Artistic Tile in Tenafly, New Jersey, used natural stone in a very creative way by creating a mix of tiles, slabs and a contemporary stone mosaic.

Artistic Tile can cater to all clients who are interested in such details by creating this mosaic from any material and in any colours specified by the client in order to complement the other decor elements in their home.

There's another case when the client chose lovely semi-precious amethyst stones to create noticeable details in a full wall of Breccia Capraia slabs. This type of warm white marble features green inclusions and purple veining that makes it stand apart. Artistic Tile has done an amazing job at this renovation.

Details are very important, regardless of where you decide to place natural stone. The simple fact that you've installed it will secure its luxury quotient. However, if you do your best to create seamless applications, they will become focus points that will enhance the look of a room. Experts at Zen Kuchen suggest that you imagine how would it be to cover a full wall in the same stone paying attention to the alignment of the veins. That should create a stunning look which won't pass unnoticed, you can rest assured about that.

Think Big When You Use Natural Stone

April Graves of Aria Stone Gallery suggests that stone should be used in various ways other than traditional applications. You can safely use it on hallways and on walls, as it's surely going to look gorgeous.

Aria Stone Gallery implemented a project in which they used Verde Aurora marble to cover an entire wall. This wall was the backdrop for a television and it included an integrated fireplace. While it didn't look any special from a distance, if you look at it closely, you'll see that the veins in the marble tiles are all perfectly aligned. This dramatic effect was only possible due to the use of this natural stone.

According to Graves, you should consider buying large slabs of natural stone and you should pay close attention to the transition between them. Thanks to advanced technologies such as waterjet cutting, it is possible to create intricate designs featuring a seamless stone look while also leaving space for vents, pipes or drains.

Experts agree that full slab walls showcase the beauty of natural stone in its basic form. Nonetheless, stone tiles have the power to create artistic effects that please the eye and make visitors feel overwhelmed by the luxury of an interior.

Natural stone is an awesome creation of our mother nature. Bringing it into our homes can offer us a feeling of well-being and tranquility, while also adding a luxury element to our decor. This is something to keep in mind for your next interior renovation project.

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