When it comes to South Indian food, nothing is quite as essential as vada. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack, there’s nothing vada can’t help you with. It has become a favourite for people all over India. The great thing about vada is that it is also a very healthy meal. It can be had in a variety of ways and still taste delicious no matter what.

It is indeed a classic dish that can even be said to be a part of Indian culture. Whether it’s with idly, dosa or even a cup of traditional filter coffee, a vada is always a treat to be relished.

Even though this is the case, most people prefer to have home-made vada. There is a feeling that vada from places outside does not taste as good, nor is it as healthy. Home-made vada has been for years the preferred way to eat everybody’s’ favourite side dish.

Making vada from natural vada batter at home can be a very difficult task. Especially if you are using packaged vada batter. The complex mix of ingredients requires a certain level of skill and practice to be able to pull off. If not, your vada might be too loose or inconsistent. The result? Vada that tastes very bad. This has meant that people have started making vada only on special occasions, when guest arrive, someone’s wedding, festivals, etc.

If you think this means that you should worry about using packaged vada batter, think again. iD Fresh Instant Vada batter comes with a squeeze easy bottle that lets you make delicious vada just like that. The batter contains ingredients made from the freshest raw materials sourced from the healthiest of distributors. This means that you never have to worry about how your vada tastes ever again and you can easily make some instant food anytime you want.


Whip up a quick and fresh snack easily. The same taste and the same recipe, but the method gets more fun. Keep your hands clean, and your stomachs happy with these easy to make traditional and natural vadas from iD Fresh Food

● Slide the cutter upwards and rotate the nozzle to open it.

● Squeeze gently, until the batter forms the perfect-sized ring.

● Slide the cutter downwards to make one vada. Wipe off excess batter before making the next vada.

● In a wok of hot oil, fry the vadas until golden brown and crisp.

● Remove from oil and allow excess oil to drain.

● Serve hot with your favourite accompaniments.

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