Are you a loner? Hey, I can relate. I would definitely class myself more as an introvert than an extrovert. However, your spiritual growth actually depends on sharing with people. You will get limited results from being alone.
Many people don’t realize the importance of OUTFLOW. Outflow is the sharing of your ideas, skills and wisdom with others. You do not need to be a best-selling author to outflow. Having outflow is important for everyone. It is a spiritual NEED to outflow.
If you don’t get enough outflow, you will start to feel full-up inside. You may start to feel fed up, despondent, fatigued and depressed. Have you ever noticed that when you have a great conversation with a good friend you feel light, energized and enthusiastic? This is because you have just experienced some good Outflow.
In church, we are often trained to simply listen to the sermon or preaching without comment. You are not encouraged to interrupt the sermon to ask a question or give your own opinion! Same thing in school. You sit there in your desk and get a lot of inflow of all the new things that the teacher is teaching you. You are told to memorize this information so you can remember it for the test. But school does not teach you to pass on to others what you have learned.
So in society, there is a lack of understanding of outflow. When you can bring this into your life more, you will be renewed, and enthusiastic about life again. You will feel more purposeful and fulfilled. Here’s how you can get the outflow you need:
1. Connect with a group of like-minded people for spiritual outflow
There is something to be said for being with like-minded people. Connect with a group who are interested in growing spiritually just like you are. Make sure this group is based on support, and non-judgement. You should feel safe sharing your inner-most feelings and know that no one will judge you for your opinions.
Take the opportunity to share with the group your experiences and what you are learning from them. Share with them the insights you are getting from your angels. Listen to the others in the group share their opinions and experiences, and see what you can learn from them to apply into your own life.
2. Have regrouping meetings with your spouse/ colleagues/ family members.
Do you take the opportunity to communicate with the people you are working with? If you are working closely with another individual whether it be running your household, raising children together, or working together on projects; you need to take the time to check in with them regularly and regroup.
When you have your regrouping meeting, each individual can share what they have accomplished since the last meeting, and what they learned from it. Go over any challenges that have come up and decide together what the solutions are. Then plan what you will accomplish in the coming week or day until the next meeting. This way, you stay on top of things and you will come together to find solutions to problems, rather than getting stuck in your problems..
3. Find your BFFs!
I meet and connect with a lot of people through the work I do, but there are a select few friends that I’ve made that I have a real affinity with. With these women I know that they “get me”, they won’t judge me and they support me to be really successful. When you find a friend like that, connect with them regularly! I aim to have at least one conversation or in person meeting with a “BFF” every day, just sharing what I have going on with that person.
My friends help me release stressful situations, have fun, vent when need be & regroup. Make time to share with those special friends in your life. It will lift and revitalize your energy more than you realize. Do it regularly and even schedule it in if you have to.
4. It’s OK to be choosy!
You don’t have to open up and share your inner-most feelings with everyone. It’s OK. I am very lucky that my family members, my sisters and my mother are very open. I definitely put them in the BFF category! But for some of you, your family don’t relate to your spirituality and there are some things you can’t share openly with them. That’s OK. Don’t feel that you have to reveal all.
If you don’t have them in your life yet, continue to meet people and take note when you have an affinity with someone you meet. Then take the time to open and develop a relationship with them. Without fail, every time I’ve felt a close affinity with a new person I meet and have developed a friendship with them, they have felt the same affinity with me in return. Like attracts like. You will be attracted to people who have a similar state of consciousness to your own.
Sad to say, I’ve also had to let go of some friendships from my life. Some people can be jealous of your success or don’t like it when you change. My best friends are all encouraging. They sincerely want me to do well! They don’t always take pity on me when I’m going through my own BS either! They’ll tell me the truth, not what I want to hear. For me, that is what I look for in a friend.
If the people around you aren’t encouraging you, you may consider spending less time around those people.
5. Outflow and regroup with your guidance!
One of the most important relationships to develop is your relationship with your spiritual helpers, your guidance or angels. Take the time each day to share with them what you have experienced in the day and what you have learned from it. Ask them for their help and guidance. You can ask questions like “if you were in my situation, what would you do?” or “what is the solution here?”
They will give you ideas and suggestions to help you grow, improve and be more successful at reaching your goals. Communication with your guidance is not just a matter of listening to them, but having an open, two-way communication with them. You will have a relationship with your guidance, like having your very best friends with you 24 hours a day. You are never alone. Talk to your angels and they will talk back. Ask them for help and you will receive it in abundance.
Share with your angels what you are experiencing just as you would with a friend. They will help you in amazing and surprising ways.

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